Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Boy #5

He’s becoming a person.

I was one of those people that hated when pet owners spoke of the “amazing” animals in their lives… like how cute they were, and the adorable shenanigans that they would get themselves into. I never got it. I honestly would secretly roll my eyes and patiently endure until the end of the conversation or until I could politely change the subject. I wasn’t rude by any means…I would always inject a polite, “No way!” or nod my head and give an understanding closed mouth smile.

But it wasn’t real. I never had that kind of connection to an animal…it all seemed silly…

Until now.

Our yellow lab Lawton has become my fifth boy. He has a hilarious personality and is constantly making me laugh with his human like ways. Seriously, his eyebrows tell a story. They are constantly moving in reaction to whatever is going on in the room.

I know…I’m such a dork.

So for those of you who don’t get it (and I promise I don’t hold it against you)…I’ll TRY to keep this brief…

The other day, after all the chores were done and the boys were sweet talking me into playing video games, I exclaimed that they were free to do what they wanted, as long as they gave me a hug.

B was the first to jump up. He leaned in…and gave me his famous sideways hug.

L was right behind B hugging my waist with all the strength a 6 year old could muster.

Before M and J could jump off the couch…Lawton was up and over to me nudging his head into my thigh and licking my hand. He then nonchalantly walked away to where the boys would be playing video games. I received the last of the hugs for the day from M and J. (Hello, my dog hugged me! I am not kidding!)
{{{{DORK ALERT}}}}

When my husband got home from work a couple days ago, we all went to hug him and that was when Lawton jumped gently up to my husband, paws on his chest and leaned in, paused for a second, and then hopped down, and then walked away like it was the most normal thing. HE. HUGGED. HIM!

(I’m almost done…you can do it!)

But yesterday was the best! And I say that with all the enthusiasm of a loony pet owner…

Yesterday I was filing in J’s 6th grade class. J’s entire class was in the multi use room practicing for their play, so I was alone most of the time… but they came in the last fifteen minutes I was there to take a test. Lawton was under the table I was working at. When J came in Lawton jumped up and waited for J to come over to him and give him some love. J nuzzled him a bit and returned to his desk to take the test. What followed was a sight I will never forget.

Lawton began to crawl…like commando crawl…across the classroom. Quiet as a mouse. Stopping now and then making sure he wasn’t being detected. His head would swing side to side, checking that no one was noticing what he was doing. I could just make out his eyebrows rising as they reacted to the sound of the teacher’s voice giving directions in front of the class. He would crawl. Stop. Look. Crawl. J was aware of what Lawton was doing and watched horrified that his teacher would see.

Luckily she didn’t have a clue. (Ya, he was THAT good...)

So yeah, I’m one of THOSE people that see dogs hanging their heads out of car windows and laugh at the expressions on their face. And giggle when I see a dog manipulating his owner to go where he wants to go…

But if I’m being honest…and y’all know I always try to be completely honest

I still don’t get cats.

Sorry mom…I totally snore during your “cute” cat stories. For real.


  1. LOL great post! I wish that I could have seen him crawling in the class room! LOL :)

    My dogs do some pretty funny stuff too...... don't worry.... Dork Alert here too! :)

  2. Oh my gosh!!! I just LOVE him! And for the record, I don't like dogs. Not even a little. But Lawton..... I'm drawn to him! He makes me really want an alert dog! Too cute! You're not a dork! :)

  3. Okay double dork alert here cause I love my chis and yes they are my kids since my human kids have moved out and onward . I love lawton . I really do and yes they each have a personality . Oh well take care and no you are not a dork !! LOL !!

  4. Double Dork you are...and that's okay! I've always liked dogs...but not until we had one did I really get the personality thing. Keep your Lawton stories coming!!! He's awesome!

  5. This is great! I was smiling at the entire post! Thanks for sharing this and I agree with Amy, keep them coming!

  6. Geez Meri, I'd so like to trade our 2 boring hamsters for a Lawton!

  7. Your mission...should you choose to accept it... is to crawl across the floor and hug J.
    This dogbone will self distruct.....

  8. I am not a big cat lady either :(
    (If I am being honest).
    Great post MZ Meri!!

  9. Great dog Meri! Love the hugs, how wonderful!

  10. OK, I knew you were talking about me right off, before the end of the blog. Don't expect you to understand precious cat stories, but can't keep myself from sharing anyway. By the way, was there an end to Lawtons classroom story? Did he make it to J? Oh,excuse me. Did I just yawn?

  11. Yes, he made it to J. And he gave him the most pathetic look of longing a dog could give..."pet me, love me, play with me!"

    But you wouldn't understand Mom. Dogs are "awake" for most of the day. They don't sleep in bowls or anything...

    It's ok...I still love you Mom. I don't hold it against you or anything...

  12. That post was so much fun to read....loved it and love Lawton! I would love a Lawton hug :P

  13. haha cute! He sounds like a champ. When I was a kid we had a dog named Hank...he died when I was a teenager. He is the only animal I've really ever "got." That and my horse Sara. But I'm not a huge pet person...however, Lawton sounds great!

  14. I have meant to leave you so many comments for so long. I always stop by and then i dont say anything! SO here it is! Meri.. I have 1 boy with T1 and i sometimes want to rip the hair out of my head! You doing it with 3 makes you my hero and doing it with the attitude have makes you my hero and then some.. My youngest is 11 months and my biggest fear it that he too one day will have to face T1. Learning what you have gone through though i KNOW it can be done and i KNOW we ALL as a family will get through it. Thank you for your strength and your outlook on everything! I look forward to getting you know you better :)

  15. dogs become human... really
    we also have 2 labs... my kids make up stories for hours about "ellie and macie the people' oh I wish i had been recording these stories. times i cherish..
    keep up the wonderful posts... they make my day :)


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