Monday, January 4, 2010

Interviews From Our Diabetic Life

J, age 12

Meri: What is the worst thing about having diabetes?

J: Having to give myself insulin after meals, and having to ask you for carb amounts.

Me: Then count the carbs yourself…

J: I can’t.

Meri: Then learn. You already count really good…you just need practice.

J: Whatever mom…

Meri: What is the best thing about diabetes?

J: Easy, eating when I’m low.

Meri: How is it dealing with diabetes at school?

J: I forget to check myself and I get mad at myself.

Meri: If your friend got diabetes, what would you say to him?

J: It’s OK; it’s really not that big of a deal.

B, age 8

Meri: What is the worst thing about diabetes?

B: Having to test my sugar when I’m in the middle of a video game.

Meri: What is the best thing about diabetes?

B: Getting to eat at random times in the day. Having a cool pump, it’s like a video game and my friends think it is cool.

Meri: How is dealing with diabetes at school?

B: I really don’t like being the last out to lunch sometimes, and the table is full, so I have to sit on the bench with the sun in my eyes.

Meri: Honey, you should check yourself earlier than the lunch bell, you can check anytime in class.

B: I know, but I forget.

Meri: What would you tell a friend who just got diabetes?

B: Don’t.

Meri: Well if they get it, they have no choice…what would you say to them?

B: I would help them check their sugars…I really don’t know…I would tell them to get an alert dog because they are so cute and fun!

L, age 6

Meri: What do you think about diabetes?

L: It is great!

Meri: Is there anything bad about diabetes?

L: No! I have a pump and it keeps me safe. My insulin makes me run fast and super zoom.

Meri: What else is good about diabetes?

L: I like being healthy. I like putting the carb number in my pump. My pump has zebra stripes on it.

Meri: What is diabetes like at school?

L: I like it when you come to see me to check my sugars, even J.

Meri: If your friend got diabetes what would you say to him?

L: I love you.

M, age 14 (The non diabetic brother)

Meri: What do you think of diabetes?

M: I don’t like it of course…it’s a disease. It isn’t something you hate or anything…it’s like a thorn in your side. Just something that is always there.

Meri: Do you think you brothers get more attention than you, because of their diabetes?

M: Of course not!

Meri: What about when you were younger, did you sometimes feel J got more attention than you?

M: Maybe in the beginning, but not really, no.

Meri: How does diabetes affect YOU?

M: I don’t get to eat all the sugar I want…but that would probably be the case even if there wasn’t diabetes in the family.

Meri: Do you feel sorry for your brothers?

M: It’s scary how sickness can make things go crazy. I worry about them sometimes. Especially when I was younger and J was in the hospital sometimes. But generally, it’s not much of a worry. Now that they are on pumps it doesn’t seem to be a really big deal. I hate it when they have to get shots, or their pumps put in, but they are used to it now. L didn’t even flinch at his flu shot! I thought “WOW! He is awesome!”

Meri: Do you think you are strong enough to have diabetes?

M: No, I don’t think so.

Meri: What makes you think you brothers are stronger than you?

M: I don’t like the idea of feeling high or low, and feeling sick, OR getting shots all the time. If I had gotten it when I was young I would have been terrified. My brothers are awesome. I don’t know how they do it.

(A little perspective for me. I'm really glad I got the boys watches with alarms on them for school. It is definitely the little inconveniences that bother my boys the most.)


  1. Meri, I LOVE this! Reading M's responses made me cry the most. Thanks for sharing a little insight into their feelings on D.

  2. OMGosh Meri your boys are awesome, amazing, sweet, caring,so smart and just ROCK!! You have done an amazing job :)

    It is really great to hear the kids perspective on things, they made me teary eyed!! Great idea.

  3. Wow what an awesome mom you are and to make a post out of your boys feelings . I love that . You are a great mom dear .

  4. What a sweet post!!!!!! OMGsh!!!!! Loved it so much :) :)

    Such sweet some hard questions.

    I love your family and think you are AMAZING. Thank you for being the inspiration I always seem to need!!!!

  5. Justin and B would get along well... it's all about the video games!!!

  6. M's comments were the most special to me as well. Wonderful post. I'll have to ask my 9 yr old diabetic daughter these same questions.

  7. What a great post. It's good to hear things from their perspective.

  8. This is so sweet! I especially like the nothing to dislike about diabetes! You should answer those questions, too. In fact, I think I'll ask Ave and J the same things!

  9. Amazing Meri...just amazing...I loved all of their answers and they were just so truthful about how things are. Loved it.

  10. Love their answers. I really don't know how you do it with three.

  11. Even thought most of us have never met you or your boys I am sure everyone would agree..they are amazing and so are you! Thanks for posting this..I enjoyed reading it!

  12. So cool to see that it's not really such a big deal for them.

    Adele was with me when I read and she also doesn't really hate Diabetes. It's just part of who she is. I need to learn a few more things from her...


  13. Love the answers to these! You have great boys I tell ya!

    BTW...I'm baaacck! :-)

  14. I am on a plane on my way to come and give you and your boys great big hugs. Ya'll are SO awesome!

    Love you - Love your boys and as always love this post!

  15. Wow, that was something. Amazing, touching answers. All reflecting the wonderful attitude you must have (or at least show!) that they see. I don't even know L. of course,but I just want to give him a big squeeze.


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