Wednesday, January 6, 2010

To all my D Mom friends...

To my D Momma's out there. I thought I would throw this your way. I propose that this be our song for the month,(or year...I'm OK with monopolizing all 12 months.) doesn't have to be officially sworn in during our chat or anything...but I think of all of you out there whenever I hear this song. (Which is a lot when I am on the treadmill.)

So...without further ado...for you...

(And if you don't like Glee...get over it, it is a great song!)


  1. Love it!
    I cannot tell you how much all you ladies mean to me and now every time I hear this song I will think of you and the amazing bond we have formed!

    Thanks, Meri.

  2. Thanks Meri!

    My favorite part is the beginning "You're not alone. Together we stand. I'll be by your side..."

    The best! Tears in my eyes. I love all of you too. :)

  3. Love it-Love it-LOVE IT! I agree. Definitely our theme song for the entire year! I gave me goose bumps thinking of all of you.

  4. LOVE IT MERI!!!
    My Vote is for the entire year if not our whole life!

    Thanks for sharing it with us!!!

  5. Oh yes Meri Good for you and kuddos to you my dear friend . I look forward to hearing from you ladies so much every day . god bless and keep all of you everyday .

  6. Awwww! Thanks Meri! How perfect! I'm so glad i found you guys! I really cherish the love and support! I will totally think of you all every time I hear this!

  7. Great SONG, I love it good pick. I love that you are thinking of us when your on the treadmill :)

    but and there is a BIG BUT it's even better when you hear Avril Lavigne sing it :)

  8. #1) I. LOVE. GLEE!!!!!!!!!!!

    #2) I. LOVE. YOU!!!!!!!!!!!

    #3) Thanks for the little lift today. You rock :)

  9. thats very sweet! and I LOVE Glee btw..

  10. I think that this song is so appropriate!!!!! Great pick! :)


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