Monday, June 29, 2009

Diabetes vs. Cancer

I'm not going to lie. I would get irritated beyond belief when they would close down streets and bridges in San Francisco for the Cancer and AIDS walks. Not that they didn't deserve to have bridges and streets shut down for them, but merely for the fact that our Walk to Cure Diabetes was held in Crissy field, far away from traffic and news cameras. I would think, "Why can't we stop traffic? Why can't we get in the worlds face and say CURE THIS DISEASE?" When I would walk, I would wonder why am I going through these motions when it isn't causing the world to see? Isn't that the reason for these walks? To band together and say, "Look at us, Diabetes is stupid and we can cure it if more people cared!" And I would stupidly think to myself, "At least there are cures for cancer..."

And then this year my husband got cancer.

And the Lord has once again opened my eyes to see; I can handle diabetes every day this year. I could not handle cancer every day this year. Cancer is scary and horrible and deserves to stop traffic. Yes there are cures, but they are maybe cures, everything is, "we'll see..." and percentages. "Yes, there is a 60% chance that you are cured, but who knows where you will fall, only time will tell." It is a terrible place to be.

My children can run. My children can go to scout camp. My children have the world at there fingertips. Many of those with cancer can't think about tomorrow because they are too busy thinking about getting through the next hour. Don't get me wrong. Diabetes still sucks. My sweet little boys put up with so much and endure more than I will ever truly understand, and I adore them for it. But now, I don't mind so much when I see the crying faces of the Avon Cancer Walkers on TV. In fact, I cry with them, and I feel for them. Walk on sisters.


  1. meri i admire you and our family loves you and all of do so much for your boys all of them.and the blog is great on the way you made it and all the information you put on.

  2. I actually wrote a similar blog a few years ago ( ) - after a my friends daughter Jenna sadly passed away from cancer (and her step Dad did last November as well - sigh). Jenna and I both were on pumps (hers for pain management - mine for diabetic management). My feelings are the same as yours. Hoping your husband wins the battle!! Make every day count that you're here on our big blue marble!!!


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