Monday, June 2, 2014

The Five Stages to an unplanned set change.

1) Surprise

Oh.  Look.  A 530.  Where did that come from?  I better bolus him for it.  La La Laaaa.

2) Hope

Oh.  Look.  He’s 513 a half hour later.  Maybe it’s working.  La Dee Dah Daaaa.

3) Denial

Oh.  Still 513.  He probably has ketones and needs more insulin.  Ta dah!

4) Rage bolus

CRAP!!!!!  Throw all the insulin at him!  BLARGH!

5) Tentative rip off

Oh.  He is back up to 530, (like he ever left there?) and nothing is working.  I will slowly, carefully peel off his set and hope there is evidence of some kind that the set is kinked, or blocked.  (Hint: There rarely is evidence.)  Pfftt.

Eventually, after all the stages, the set is changed.

It is always the right thing. 

I don’t know why I make it so hard.



  1. OK, I'LL DO IT! Chasing a high that is beyond stubborn and has made it to strong-willed. Also implementing the summer basals and pushing the water like it's my job.

  2. Right there with you... there is rarely evidence. Funny pics!

  3. Wow. I'm glad it's not just me. I never know when to throw in the towel and change the site. I'm a novice D Mom though and I just had an appointment with the nurse practitioner to help troubleshoot highs and figure out when to change the site. I always want to try one more bolus first. The thing is my daughters highs come down a little so I don't know if its the site or just not enough insulin. So frustrating. Truthfully I just don't know what the heck I'm doing : )
    I love that Hermione pic the best. That's me.... Saying "what the what!!!!"

  4. Great description of the process! I hate to change out sites b/c 1) it's a pain 2) wasted supplies 3) daughter hates more pokes 4) what if it's something else? Oh, the what if's of life. :)

  5. I have tried and tried and tried to learn that an infusion set comes with approximately a tampon-level of commitment. It is not a permanent buddy. But I always want to give a set a zillion extra chances to work. Why is this like this? So hard to remember to just change the thing.

    This is a fantastic post. It is helping me learn.

    1. Omygosh...this response just cracked me up so hard. Tears rolling down my face cracked up. Thank you. I needed that like you would not believe. Tampon-level of commitment is going into my D vocab!!!

  6. I think our first endo actually made it a rule: if you do a correction and don't see an improvement within two hours, correct with a syringe and change the site.

    I love rules.

    This is like the ONLY rule I was ever handed.

    Impossible to follow.

  7. Oh yes, I do it too. I'm always always convinced it's something other than the site.


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