Tuesday, May 13, 2014

D Blog Week, Day 2: Poetry Slam

Today's topic for D Blog Week is this: "Write a poem, rhyme, ballad, haiku, or any other form of poetry about diabetes."

It blew in on a summer’s day
So quiet I did not see
My baby lapping up the juice
And diapers full of pee.

It swirled by and tossed our days
Into a sea of questions
We swam with heads above the current
How thin he is, they mention

As mothers do, I felt the pang
That something is not right
But each appointment we’re told to go
Now he won’t sleep at night

Later his chest inhales so deep
He can’t quite fully breathe
The cries don’t stop, he will not soothe
And then he starts to seize

In the deep dark night we wrap him up
And take him to the car
The foggy fears surround our hearts
We sprint through the ER.

The doctors say it’s just a virus
He’s fine, but now…oh wait.
He’s dehydrated and his veins collapsed
The mood changes to a harried state.

A mother hysterical on her knees
She prays for him to live
The doctors don’t know why he’s sick
They say something’s going to give.

And then hours later a voice speaks up
A quiet boom of thunder
Do you have Diabetes in your family?
Yes, but how? He runs leaving me to wonder.

That night the word rolled off my tongue
I hated when it was said
I wished it were me, and not my boy
Our future seemed one of dread

He’s flown to San Francisco
As we drive helplessly behind.
His life’s path changed forever.
But solace we will find.

There is no cure, but he can live
And run and jump and swim
It won’t be easy, that we know
But it’s worth it to have him.

Diabetes has flown in two more times
Each time we saw it coming
We braced our hearts and resolved our minds
And continued on just loving.

16 years we’ve lived this life
With needles, pumps and meds
But all the dread’s been washed away
As happy lives are led.

They are smiling and alive
I can think of nothing better
Than having my boys by my side
We can do this…together.



  1. I love this, and you, and your boys.

  2. Love this, Meri. Beautiful words that hit the heart and bring on such a range of emotion, capped off with a great picture that brings a smile. Thanks!

  3. Sometimes, I just need to see the bright side of things. So much to go through, so you deserve the happiness even more. Thank you. And happy belated Mother's Day! Looks like you did pretty well:)

  4. Enjoyed this! And I always enjoy the photos with your smiling, handsome sons! (Oh, you, too :) )

  5. Your journey inspires us. Thank you for sharing your joy, your pain and your humanity.


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