Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stuff I seen on the Internet: Vol. 3

It's been too long!  I have so much exciting information to share!

On your marks.  Get set...

We're starting off with A new discovery in stem cells in Japan.  Check it!

Have you heard of the Asante's "snap pump?"  It recently partnered with Tidepool to bring patients better access to their data.  A win win all around.

Finally!  The FDA has approved the Dexcom G4 for pediatric use.  Children from 2 to 17 now have the green light.  (Can't wait for that approval for Medtronic's Enlite system!)

Billed as a tool for kids, but absolutely useful for adults with T1, Novo Nordisk hit it out of the park with their brand new, redesigned Insulin Pen.   Finally, a record of when someone took a shot, and how much they gave themselves!

The Strip Safely Campaign asks you, "Do you have 2 minutes to help shape the future of accurate diabetes testing?"  If you do, Bennet lays out clearly how you can be instrumental in helping make a difference!

Kerri Sparling's new book "Balancing Diabetes" has now officially hit the shelves!  Word on the street is it's the bomb!  It's burning a hole in my laptop just waiting to be read!  Can't wait!

Do you ever plan on flying with an insulin pump on board?  Melissa gives us information you might not know about bubble issues and pumps while flying.  A must read!

Take this 2 minute quiz and Novo Nordisk will donate money to the Diabetes Hands Foundation and Diabetes Advocates.  How much do you know about diabetes?

The new Medtronic Iports are now available in the US.  For children on shots, this will provide the much needed respite from so many pokes!

Lastly, here is an awesome info graphic Mike Lawson made to show us the power of sharing.  The Spare a Rose initiative was a booming success this year because people like you did something as simple as share.

Tomorrow is FRIDAY!  Start those engines!


  1. Thank you so much for doing these "stuff I've seen on the internet" posts! Very helpful and informative!

  2. My endo and I just had a conversation about the G4's being approved for kids recently and how I had been using mine "illegally" for over a year now. (I was 14 when I got mine.)

    Sarah | Insulin Pens Don't Have Ink


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