Thursday, October 3, 2013

Dear Inge.

Dear Inge,

I know in wider circles the words “mother in law” strike the fear of God in people.

In my little circle…that couldn’t be further from the truth.

From the night Ryan proposed to me you only took me in and accepted me with all your heart.  If you were ever mad at me, or disappointed in me, you’ve never shown it.  Thank you for that, because I’m sure there were times you were.

Thank you for always supporting us.  For never giving advice unless we asked for it.  For letting us make our own mistakes and loving us despite them.

Thank you for loving each our babies as your own.  And for loving me as your own too.

Thank you for always saying yes.  Without hesitation, always yes.  Always offering to help.  Always meaning it.  I know that isn’t a big deal to you, but in the world we live in, unconditional love is a rare gift.

Thank you for working through your fear of needles to take care of the boys.  Thank you for fearlessly injecting J when he was a baby with insulin even though it broke your heart in half.  Thank you for never being afraid to take my boys, and care for their diabetes.  For being willing to learn.  For just being willing.

Thank you for the 5 gazillion meals you’ve cooked us.  For never making us feel like an inconvenience.  For always making us feel like we make your day better by being there.

Thank you for all the driving to and from school.  For the oodles of laundry you’ve done.  For the sewing.  For the appts you’ve taken the boys to.  For reading every one of my blogs and supporting me in every step of my journey.  Thank you for listening to me ramble on about my days.  Thank you for every hug.

Thank you for exemplifying grace under pressure.

Thank you for the journey you’ve walked that led your life, and your family to me.

But most of all.  Most of all.  Thank you for Ryan.

Thank you for raising him into the man he was.

He was molded brilliantly, and I know most of that is on you.

I love you, Inge.

Thank you for being my friend. 

You are beautiful, and you are one of a kind.  How lucky am I to know you?

Happy Birthday.  And many.  Many.  Many.  More.

All my love,

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  1. Happy birthday Inge! Is it weird that I love your Mother-in-law too? Because I do. She is all kinds of awesome and has made me feel so welcome every time I've been to her house.

    Please pass along my love to her and a very Happy Birthday too!


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