Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Today Kerri followed a prompt from another website asking us to counteract all the Internet ranting, (see Syria, Whole Foods, and Twerking,) with an anti-rant:  A list o’ thankfulness of sorts.

Since I’m having what can only be described as “GroundhogWeek,” I thought I’d step out of the blahs and add a little gratefulness to my day.  It never hurts to count your blessings…even if they are little ones that don’t even seem worth mentioning.  It’s those little ones that sustain me throughout the day, nudging me to keep on keepin’ on.  Little blessings are like ants.  One or two might not be noticeable, but if you rack up enough of them, they’re kinda’ a big deal.

So here goes.

*  I’m thankful for friends that do fun things with me instead of their husbands. 

*  I’m thankful for the way my 15 year old calls me, “Merm.”  I don’t know how it became endearing after I told him a million times that isn’t my name.  But…it has.

*  I’m also thankful said 15 year old has his permit so he can navigate the traffic coming home from school instead of me.

*  I’m thankful for an 18 year old who likes to go out to lunch and split meals with me.

*  I’m thankful for the backscratcher I was gifted from a friend.  It’s the most brilliant gift ever.

*  I’m thankful for prayer.

*  I’m thankful for the canvas of the sky.

*  I’m thankful for my in-laws.  They save me everyday.

*  I’m thankful for texting.  For the blood sugars that are texted to me, for the pics of sunsets and clouds that are texted from friends, and for having a conversation with my teenage boys without getting off the couch.

*  I’m thankful for new TV premiers.  My TV watching is very limited.  It’s fun to have something to look forward to.

*  I’m thankful for the parents at the boys’ school who give me that knowing smile, or that hug I’m always in need of.  (You know who you are.)

*  I’m thankful for vegetables.  They just seem to hit the spot most these days.  I’m thankful especially for the bumper tomato crop we had from our little garden this year.

*  I’m thankful when one of my boys mindlessly slips his hand in mine.  That moment he forgets it's supposed to be embarrassing is gold.

*  I’m thankful for music that makes me pat the steering wheel to the beat.

*  I’m thankful for the dog meeting me at the door and nudging my leg.  I’m also thankful for the way he sleeps crammed into small spaces.

*  I’m thankful for the way my 9 year old hugs me, the way he pats me on the back with both hands.

*  I’m thankful fall is coming.  I’m ready.

*  I’m thankful that whenever I’m down, my 11 year old offers to fry me an egg.

*  I’m thankful for friends that got together and made me a very meaningful quilt.  It sits at the end of my bed and feels like home.

*  I’m thankful that I can still find joy in the little things. 

*  And I’m thankful that I get to see first hand the good in people, every single day.

What are you thankful for?  It took me a minute to get going on my list, but once I started it seems I was drinking from a fire hose of blessings.  This is just what was on the tip of my brain minutes before having to go to work.  Think about what would have been here if I had time to really think about it…

Give it a go.  (And Kerri, thanks.)


  1. I'm thankful for you, Meri. And I love your anti-rant. :)

  2. This was terrifying, and lovely. I got all tense when I thought I would be reading about Diabetes's horrible decaying, pus-oozing zombie face. Thank you!

    I'm grateful that it is cold enough for sweaters. <3


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