Tuesday, August 13, 2013


If you think you don’t matter.  I have news for you.

You do.

If you think that what you do doesn’t affect thousands of other people.

You are wrong.  What you do or don’t do reaches farther than you ever imagined.

If you are choosing to hide from the world, how does that affect those closer to you?  Does it make them sad?  Bitter?  Angry?  Worried?  You might think that your feelings only affect you, but if you look close enough, they don’t.

And if you feel all alone in this world despite the love that surrounds you…staying home and not influencing another for good is changing someone’s future.  If you hurt, or avoid one person and think the hurt stops there, you are grossly mistaken.  That person’s feelings affect others lives too...the people around them now, and their future posterity.  The dominos fall; there is no stopping it.

And if you put yourself out there in the world and become a contributing member of society, and you feel like you are not making immediate changes in others lives, you are still planting seeds.  Seeds that show others you care.  Seeds that in the end bear fruits to a better life for someone.  Maybe that better life is yours.  Maybe it is someone else’s. 

Hiding isn’t the answer.  Inactivity isn’t the answer.  Paralyzing fear isn’t the answer.

Break through the fear.  Take that step…because the future is crying out for positivity.  The future needs HOPE and LOVE.  The future needs you whether you believe it or not.

Progress can’t always be immediately measured.  Sometimes it takes a painful amount of time to really see where the change begins to occur.  Sometimes we don’t even see the change we have wrought.  I suppose that’s where the faith comes in.

Have faith that when you move towards a goal, good things will happen.

Have faith that your decisions will be positive ones, even if the decision cuts deep into your fear and you bleed worry.

Have faith that what you do, matters.

A future of what can’t be is way worse than a future of what could be.

Because nothing can come to fruition through malaise. 

Nothing can bear fruit if it isn’t cared for.
Your dreams?  They will die if you avoid them.  They have no chance if you don’t give yourself a shot to achieve them.

Change is supposed to hurt.  A friend of mine reminded me that when you repot a plant carefully, without disturbing its roots, it will not grow.  To replant, one must tear the roots apart, one must grab and pull, shake and replace the foundation completely.  Sure it is uncomfortable and even at times excruciating, but it is the only way to grow and bloom.

It’s the only way.

So stop doubting yourself.  Get up and TRY.

Because if you don’t try…you will fail anyway.   Youre worst fear of failing?  It is happening by just sitting there.

And all this self pity, all this sadness, and all this hiding is postponing a happiness that I know you need more than anything right now.

So DO something!


Meri?  Are you listening?


  1. Tears. Go Meri, Go! Passing this along. Perfectly said. Thanks for sharing. xoxox

  2. Just what I needed to read. Thank you <3

  3. This is beautifully written. And, yes, I am crying. Like Alecia, I am passing this on.

  4. I needed this today. Go Me Go!

  5. Just what I needed, a little kick in the pants! Thank you Meri. Thank you for writing this to yourself and sharing it with all of us. My favorite line in there, which even gave me a little giggle was this: [YourDreams] have no chance if you don’t give yourself a shot to achieve them. I giggled because giving myself a shot means taking a chance, yes. But it also means, well, giving myself a shot. It's the shot of insulin that I need to stay working, to keep my brain functioning, to keep my heart beating and feeling. Thank you for sharing this.

    I will also, pass it on.

  6. You are a simply amazing woman - really!

  7. I love your inspirational message! Our circle of influence is always bigger than we think. And it's very powerful.

  8. It's funny that I should choose to start reading blogs again today.. and come to this post. I NEEDED this today, Meri. Yes... we matter. And we are amazing in what we can do. Love you, and THANK YOU!! <3

  9. DAG-NAB-IT, WE DO MATTER!!! I hope you listened, Meri <3

  10. It's so hard sometimes to hear what you need to hear. I feel like you are speaking right to me. Thank you.


  11. Meri, I really needed to read this, especially this part: "Because if you don’t try…you will fail anyway. Your worst fear of failing? It is happening by just sitting there."

    Wow. Let me tell you.... in another window on this browser I have my resume and an open job application. I've had it open all day, afraid to press the send button. I've had the same job for many years and even though for the last year or so I have absolutely hated it, apparently I'm still afraid to change.

    So yes, you matter. Your words on this blog matter. I know this pep talk was partially meant for yourself, and I hope it helped you, because you sharing these words has meant a lot to me today, too.


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