Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Creative Diabetes

My endo isn't a fan of my diabetes shenanigans.

When settings are off I find my own way to deal with the problem.

Breakfast spike?  I add an extra 20 carbs to the breakfast pre-bolus.  My endo says, "Change the ratios and let the pump do the work for you."

I say.  "Why fix it if it isn't broken?  Besides, on the weekends I add 30."

Post lunchtime lows?

I just deduct 15 carbs from the total carbs consumed to counteract the energy exerted on the playground.

My endo says, "Change the lunchtime ratios."

I say.  "I don't do this for the weekends.  It's so easy to do.  Why make changes?"

Nighttime ratios off?  I compensate.

I would add a bit to the insulin dose for corrections at night for B.  I would take off A LOT for L.  J needed a smidge less...

My swelly brain's totally got this...

But something magical happened last week.  (Insert thought bubble over my head complete with pictures of unicorns, rainbows and sparkly glitter raining down...and a cupcake...just because.)

Suddenly:  All the boys nighttime ratios are spot on.

Suddenly:  If the boys clock in at 104, or 110, or whatever...I can leave them alone! 

Are you hearing the words jump off the page?


Usually basals are a bit strong, or the business of their day makes a 103 an unsafe number.

But SHAZAM!  I can leave them.  I don't have to shove food down their throats, or temp basal for an hour.

And they wake up with 120's and 98's, and 107's.

I need a baton.  A baton and some kind of awesome hat, so I can stomp around the house and do the happy march.  The "I AM THE BOSS" march. 

Ok.  So yeah.  I didn't DO anything to get them there.  But they are there.  And my swelly brain has shrunk three sizes because of it.  You do realize that this means a better night's sleep for me...right?  You do realize this is HALF the A1C battle nailed right there...right?  You do realize that I have managed to pull off something as rare as the blue moon...right?

How long is it going to last?  I give it a week.  (Wah  Wah  Waaaaaah) But while it lasts I will sleep sounder, smile wider and celebrate a little harder.  (That means a toast with the good stuff.  Chocolate soy milk, baby!)

I often read on Facebook people grappling with problems...someone last week even worried that their child hit an all time high of 220.


I wish I could worry about a 220.  I have bigger fishes to fry.

But thankfully, I've currently fried up a giant stinky salmon of a problem.

I'll enjoy my victory as it lasts.  Because we all know the only thing that stays the same with diabetes is nothing stays the same.

Last week I posted online that I pulled off another hat trick of sorts by getting all the boys on the same set change schedule.  Two days later L needed his site pulled so they are on different schedules...again.

I should learn my lesson and keep my victories to myself.

But whatever.

Hat.  Baton.  Marching.  This parade's going around the block.


  1. I do the same thing... :) Why change something that's not broken when it's working? Congrats on the night numbers! THAT is an achievement. You rock mama and help us all twirl our batons. Thank you for that. <3

  2. Ha! Last week when you posted you had all 3 on the same site change scheduale, I wondered to myself how long it would last, but I really hoped that it would last a week or two for you! And when people on FB say stuff like "250! We are NEVER that hight, OMG, she won't come under 200!" I smirk, laugh, shake my head, or rage under my breath. Pffft! Just last week while I was gone to Zumba my girl clocked in with a "High GLucose" which we haven't had in maybe a year the actual HI greeting, but we've had plenty of 500's, 400's, 300's. Whatever, rage bolus that sucker and move on! hahah, I feel ya here, hope your week of nighttime good numbers lasts the full week or even longer, sleep, precious sleep, I'm happy for you!

  3. Thanks for keeping it real Meri. Changing ratios isn't always the dang answer - too many variables. OK maybe if there is a long pattern of post breakfast highs we should consider tweaking but seriously sometimes adjusting carb counts (not actually adjusting carbs) is the answer for that morning, that lunch or that dinner. Shenanigans - HA! Creative Diabetes it is and if I tried to micro manage the basals Id be mad (mad hatter mad). Here's hoping the boys night basals behave for a good long time. Freaking out at a high of 220 - giggle.

  4. I have not said out loud---not even to my spouse---and have been trying to not even THINK this (out loud) in my own head: my night time basals are CORRECT and have been for TWO DAYS IN A ROW. (Like 109, 128, 114, 98.) GAH! I know that by acknowledging this, it will likely end. But it was worth it to join the parade.


  5. I'M IN! I'M IN! We had our first night of sleep with no testing last night finally. I got 8 hours of sleep (well I did routinely wake up anyways every two to three hours because I'm so used to it but I went right back off to never never land....after the wave of panic subsided thinking I slept through the alarm lol). But to me that is SLEEP. I'm so perky today I'm annoying the people around me, even me maybe. The perfect place for me is in a parade!!! Thanks for the invite!.....Ethan had his physical today and they said he had to get two vaccines...umm did they just inject a virus into him??? Nope. TWO. Expect high blood sugars. Today, I'm parading!

  6. I am one of those parents that freak out over a 220, well actually I freak out over a 220 that lasts 4 hours. Does that make it a little better? I'm also one of those parents that adjusts the high alarm on the CGM to 250 (or higher) so I can get some sleep. Sometime I feel like I change as much as diabetes changes. :)

    Meri, I love it that you celebrate! We should all celebrate more!!

  7. Glad you can get some sleep! I can only imagine how rarely the stars align with three in play - hope it lasts at least a week!

  8. You march on Meri!!!! It's an accomplishment for one diabetic...and you did this with three!!! I have been adjusting my carb amount to make up for the usual inconsistancy for years. The carb ratios are fine for most of the time but each bolus is it's own story. Crazy that an Endo would think that changing the carb ratios would change the inconsistancies of diabetes!

  9. share a little magic with a sista won't ya?
    It's been so weird here, maybe a night of beautiful numbers...then bam craptastic highs, followed by another night of lows, no rhyme or reason - just one tired cranky mom and a boy who sleeps soundly through it all. How do they do that?! I should be thankful he does, but every once in a while I just wish he were a little tired so I could get him to take a nap with me!
    So, now march away somebody needs to be enjoying BG bliss...maybe, just maybe next time, it will be me!

  10. Every time I think "this rate is great" or "I'm nailing it", Diabetes kicks me in the teeth and reminds me who the boss is! Enjoy it while it lasts...oh, and keep playing with the numbers. YOU know what works when.

  11. Truly glad to know that you're get a rid of this evil disease.....

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