Thursday, January 17, 2013

Ode to sleep

Oh, sleep.

Oh, solitude for my weary soul.

Oh, peaceful hideaway for my swelly brain.

Oh, comfort for my buzzing body.

Oh, how I miss thee.

Your warm embrace and kind face.

Your soft welcoming when I need a friend most.

The host to my party of calm.

The right that fixes all the wrong.

Oh, sleep.

Why must your tethers of understanding be just out of my grasp?

Why must diabetes rob us of our reunion?

Why must I stand by your side unable to partake in your goodness?

Why do you wink at me so?

You know  how I long for you.

You must know you are always on my mind.

You have to know it is you I would run to if I could.

Oh, sleep.

Reach out your hand and take me in.

Envelope me in your kindness, your warmth, your justice.

Let the dreams swirl around me and take away the reality.

Drown the hurt in your melody.

Soothe the scars with your restful salve.

Let peace reign.

Let me rest.



Oh, good sleep. 

One day I will be in your arms again.

One day I will partake.  I will drink in every last ounce of your goodness.

One day.

Until then, adieu.

Think of me too?

Pray for our reuniting.

I will soldier through this day, and relish my glimpse of you tonight.

Oh, sleep.

Oh, how I love thee.

I will brightly endure the middle place a bit longer. 

Not awake.  Not asleep.

Until our time together comes...

Wait for me.


  1. Wonderful, as always! And now in honor of your Ode to Sleep, I plan to turn in early tonight... any may keep my BGs a tad bit higher to not risk being awaken by a Low!

  2. Yes - it's the sleep I miss the most. After (almost) a year of living with this if you asked me what I miss the most about our pre-D life, I'd say 1. I miss the bubble I used to live in and 2. Sleep

  3. Perfectly put as always! I miss it much, especially after two nights of battling blood sugars out of left field for my daughter.....


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