Monday, December 3, 2012

Meri: LIVE!

Tonight I'm going to be a guest on an online radio show called DSMA 'Rents Blog Talk Radio.  DSMA stands for Diabetes Social Media Advocacy and 'Rents is a spinoff of the original show, created specifically for parents of children with diabetes.

I'm not sure where the discussion will be going, but I do know a few things that will be answered:

1) How my family is really doing.

2) How you can get involved with the Diabetes Online Community.

3)  I know you want to know what M, J, B and L stand will be out there.

4) A lot of other things that I'll let you listen in to find out!

The announcement of my appearance is HERE.

HERE is the link to the actual radio show.  You can go there now and have it email you an alert tonight to remind you I'm on,   or you can try to remember yourself, or you can listen later when it is on itunes.   If you listen live, you can sign in through your Facebook account, or sign on privately.  It won't post on your Facebook page or anything.  It just signs you in and you can participate in the live chat while I am talking...which I'll try to keep an eye on if my swelly brain cooperates.

The show is at 9PM Eastern Standard time, and 6PM Pacific Standard time. TONIGHT. 

Please listen in...or even call in to ask questions, or make a comment.  Ask me anything...I'm not afraid!  Let's do this thing!

See you tonight, friends!


  1. It will be fantastic. I can't wait to talk with you.


  2. I've been listening to you on air, you are an amazing woman Meri! Have you ever considered writing a book?

  3. Loved it!

    And I called in to say hi, not necessarily just to tease! :D

  4. Wish I could have listened!! Darn dance classes got in the way!! Can it be downloaded & listened to after the fact??

    Ps....I haven't forgotten about the cloud pics I promised you on FB...just have had a chance to get on hubby's computer to get them for you :-). It's been a little crazy around here since we got back from our trip to the Endo.

  5. Just downloaded you from I tunes! Now hopefully for some quiet time to listen to you!


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