Thursday, May 17, 2012

D Blog Week: It's my list and I can fantasize if I want to

Today's Diabetes Blog Week prompt asks us to come up with a fantasy diabetes device that would make our world better.  I wrote the following list in less than 5 minutes.  Me thinks maybe I think about this stuff more than I think I do..

So in true Letterman style I present to you:

Meri's top 10 list of 
Made up diabetes care devices
 countdown style

10.  Cracked tubing alert sensor.  Within the past month we have fought three intense rounds with cracked tubing.  Cracked tubing that allowed no insulin to be injected...which led to large ketones and miserable kids.  It would be nice to know if the tubing has been compromised for sure.  (cough...understatement...cough.)

9.  Ketones automatically tested with every blood sugar test.  It would be a combined test, using one strip.  (And lest I'm not specific enough, this fantasy includes the strip NOT costing 10 bucks a piece.)

8.  Implanted microscopic microphones.  If I could get these embedded  into my boys ears, I could be their Jiminy Cricket.  "Did you test your sugar?  Did you forget to brush your teeth?  Don't forget to return your library book.  Ummm...did you test your sugar?"  You know you want to do it.

7.  A low fix that can fit into your pocket, and doesn't taste or look like a glucose tab.  Instant, easy, durable.  Is that too much to ask?  Not in my fantasy world, baby!

6.  Automatically texted blood sugar numbers from child's monitor.  I think this exists, but I want one that works on wifi and doesn't cost me an arm and a leg for a subscription.

5.  Noninvasive blood sugar testing.  Where is that dang watch?????  How hard is it to invent a flipping watch that infrared-ly checks blood sugars?!  We can invent snuggies and we can't invent this?  Come on!

4.  A glucagon chamber on the case of emergency press gluc button.  I think the bionic pancreas has this...but I'd like it on the next generation Medtronic pump.  (That means I want it now.  And by now, I mean yesterday.)

3.  A swelly brain deflator.  Nuff said.

2.  A blood sugar monitor that alarms if a teen hasn't checked in a certain amount of time.  One that alarms LOUD and Proud and can't be turned off unless a sample has been added to the strip.  Which on the surface, I know, sounds really mean.  But trust me, one time with that alarm going off and J won't let it go off again.

And the number one device...would be...

A cure.

How is that a device?

Hello...FANTASY device.  I'll let the fantasy world work out the deets on that one.

This concludes day 4 of D Blog see other blogs on this topic visit the link HERE.


  1. Numbers 6 and 5: Yes please. Number 2: easily defeated by your teen leaving his glucometer AT HOME for an entire weekend and you have no way to get it to him. Been there, done that. Number 1 trumps them all.

  2. Great list!

    Number 7: When Shannon Beth was first diagnosed we used the small tubes of icing gel, you know the things you use to write names on cakes and stuff. They were 15 carbs, small, portable, and most importantly Shannon Beth loved the taste. Sadly, I can't get them here in Ireland so now we use snack boxes of raisins.

    Number 4:that would be brilliant! One less thing to carry!

    Of course, Number 1 is the silver bullet!

  3. dude, i freaking love the ketone idea and it's so simple i can't believe i didn't think of it, or that it doesn't already exist, i mean COME ON.

    i'm high fiving you on all the rest too, esp number 1 duh.

  4. Hay, i am new to your blog and i found it simple and awesome. It really has simple and useful information from point 1 to 10. I will check it again for further information for diabetic 1.


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