Wednesday, February 15, 2012

It comes naturally.

When we are suffocated with numbers. When we are buried in ratios that make no sense.

It comes naturally for us to rise up above the diabetes smog and find the air we need to keep going.

When our children are burnt out. When they voice their frustrations.

It comes naturally for us to lift them above us, and place them on the pedestal they deserve.

As parents we refuse to let the darkness overtake our children.

As parents of children with diabetes, we take the hurt and we use it as fuel to take that next step.

It is only natural for us to fight.

Because when it comes to our children there is no losing.

There is no surrendering.

Sure, there are times when we think this hole is going to collapse on us.

Sure, there are times when we are sure the sun has forgotten to shine.

Sure, there are days when we announce we are defeated...

even though we aren't.

Because even if we let the moment win...we don't let the despair win.

We rise up.

We check and we check again. We tweak and we tweak again.

Losing isn't an option when the very air we breathe lives with diabetes.

Having a bad day?

Having a bad week/month/year?

You are not alone. And even though you want to give up...even though you say you are going to give up...even though you are sure you are going to give up...

I know you won't.

I KNOW it.

(Because you haven't given up yet. Right?)

Look at your track record. You win every war.

You eventually win them all.

Here in the DOC there is an entire bottle of "same." Take two and you'll feel better in the morning.

It comes naturally for parents to hold the world on their shoulders.

Naturally, we want to take all the hurt away from our kids by using our super power: Love.

We want to, but the hurt comes anyway. All we can do is use our love to salve their pain.

Our love can't cancel out the pain, but it can soothe it...and that is enough.

You are enough.

Your works are enough.

You can do this.

Our children can too.

If you are consumed right this moment, remember that our lives on this earth aren't meant to be miserable all the time. We are meant to find the joy in the shadows of the misery. There will be moments that seem to be devoid of light. But it is all smoke and mirrors...the joy is always there.

We can find that joy in the smiles of our children. We can find it in the kindness of friends. We can find it when we help others.

We can and we will find that joy.

Because when we love our children as much as we do...

The joy?

It comes naturally.


  1. Thank you Meri. Needed this one today :)

  2. And you know what? You teach your kids to fight, rise up, and do what becomes natural to necessary. Great post, Meri. Thanks for doing what you do!

  3. Here in the DOC there is an entire bottle of "same." ... love it! So true! You are such a great encourager! Thank you! :)

  4. That was well-timed - lovely post, thank you!

  5. you say "comments = love" but really, your posts = love. <3

  6. Thank you Meri!!! I will probably have to find this post again for later too! Thanks!


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