Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It's laughing at me.

A couple weeks ago our nurse sent us some coupons for free pump skins. It couldn't have come at a better time because little L was upset that he didn't get a new pump like his brothers did. The boys perused the offerings and then decided to create their own skins. (For you Medtronic folks, you can find the skins HERE.)

First up: A pic of our dog Lawton. Both B and L wanted the same picture and didn't care that they would match. L picked a green background...B picked dark blue.

At the bottom of the pump skin there was room for more creating so L opted to have his name put there.

B was very clear about what he wanted too: LOL!

No, I wasn't laughing there. That is exactly what he wanted written on his pump: "LOL!"

I tried to playfully talk him out of it. I mean, it is so random. But my B LOVES random. And "LOL!" it was.

Fast forward to the past couple days. B's numbers have been wonky at best. Out of NOWHERE we are getting lows. A couple days ago, a 39. Yesterday a 46. Then he jumps up quickly to the 200's, and then we resume the roller coaster ride for the rest of the day. There is nothing worse than having predictability go out the window. Last night he tests before bed at 8:00 and he is 280. Weird. He barely ate any dinner. We cleaned the finger to verify, and then corrected. One hour later: 124.

At that point I wondered if I was on candid camera.

When pulling out his pump to enter a temp basal of zero for one hour...I saw it.


It was laughing at me.

Not cool.

The ironic image has stayed with me all night long. I couldn't sleep, and neither could my husband...we chatted in bed for hours. L was high at the 2am check. 302. We meant to recheck but our bodies finally were able to sleep. And sleep we did.

L woke up 498. 4.2 blood ketones.

As I changed his set, (which was full of blood,) and grabbed his pump to correct the injustice of said blood...the image struck me...

Like a ghost haunting me, the letters "LOL!" transposed themselves onto L's pump too. Clear as day...his pump was laughing at me.

I don't know about you, but I don't like being laughed at in situations that are meant to be mean. And trust me...those pumps meant to be mean.

My feelings are a little bit hurt.

But I'm dusting myself off and devising a plan to have the last laugh myself.

L has gone back to sleep now with two full glasses of water and a fresh blood free set in his body. He has lab fresh insulin running through his system...and he is going to be ok. I changed B's basals a week ago...I dialed those back.

Take that universe.

We'll see who's laughing tomorrow!

(Here's a hint: It will not be you.)

LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! (Yeah, I'm kinda maniacally laughing right now. Don't worry too much about me. I'll be ok too. Tomorrow...I'll be ok too. Yep, I'll totally be ok too. If I keep saying it, it will come true, right?)


  1. My goodness that nasty pump case!!! LOL (no pun intended) it is kinda random and cool, like HE is laughing at diabetes, rather than the pump laughing at you guys, but i get your point....and that pump needs to be punished . ahahha.

  2. Meri, I love you! You do the best posts about taking everything diabetes throws at you and throwing it all right back. And your boys are just adorable! You've got one amazing family!

  3. I agree with Jules - I think you should take it as a reminder of what you are doing each time you use the pump - "I'm Laughing Out Loud at you Diabetes! Take that! There ain't nothing you can throw at me that I can't handle - so I will LOL all day long at you!"

  4. sometimes there's nothing else to do but laugh maniacally!


  5. Not cool! But you'll get the last laugh!

  6. Yay, those pump skins are so cool. Okay, the laughing at you part is not so cool . . . . but sometimes when diabetes gives us it's worse, there is quite a bit of satisfactiong in laughing in its face!! :)

  7. LOL!!!!

    Meanie pump.

    Put that thing in the corner.

    LOL LOL LOL!!!!!

  8. sounds ever so creepy...maybe just in the feeling of upcoming Trick-or-Treat holiday the pump is feeling left out and you need to give a few treats to calm that grumpy LOL pump down!
    I love the pic of the pooch too BTW :)


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