Thursday, August 18, 2011

Half eaten bowl of cereal? Or brain exploder?

Let me give you some insight as to why my brain is swelly.

Exhibit A: A cereal bowl, half full of milk and bits of cereal.

Practically every mother in America doesn't give that a second thought.


I give it a second thought. And a third one, a fourth one...and maybe even a tenth one.

Yesterday was the first day of school. Maybe it was nerves. Maybe it was excitement, but neither B nor L finished more than half their cereal.

And to top it off...they used bowls we have never used before.

Using new bowls on the first day of school?

How am I supposed to SWAG that?

They are not as wide...but they are a little deeper. The circumference of the circle...why am I even trying to figure this out...I AM A GEOMETRY LOSER!

Swelling. Swelling, and more swelling.

On top of that, B asked me how much insulin. Me...assuming that he had eaten his entire bowl, gave him an amount. When I went back later, my heart stopped.

"Who's bowls are these?!!" (That was me yelling with my eyes practically popping out of my head.)

The boys filed in.

J: "Not mine. I ate all mine."

L: "That one is mine but I told you I couldn't eat it all."

B: "That one is mine, why?"

Me: "Why??? Why???? When you asked for a carb count you failed to mention to me that you didn't eat it all. Don't you think that is important? Don't you think getting more insulin than you are supposed to is a big deal? What if you had already left for school?"

B: "Yeah. I guess that is kinda important."

So he ate a banana to make it up.

Who knew one half eaten bowl of cereal could cause such angst in a mothers heart?

Or was it half? The bowl is narrower at the bottom. How am I supposed to eyeball that????

Diabetes is diabetes. I know it is hard and emotional, and a pain in the arse.

But it the little things that tip me over the edge.

Constant little things.

I guess I have to ask myself, "is the bowl half empty, or half full?"

After some thought, my answer is: Does it really matter? The bowl, and whatever its contents, are poop disturbers. Period.

It is as simple, or as complicated, as that!


  1. So true. Plus cereal does crazy things to my blood sugar anyway. Cereal routinely makes my head explode.

  2. we love are cereal in the mornings over here to and it drives me nuts...I could not do it times 3!! BLESS YOUR HEART and save your mind ;)

  3. Oh brain got all swelly reading it even. Love to you!!! It's those kinds of things that most people don't undertand. I feel your Cereal Consumption Dysfunction. xo

  4. Yeah, diabetes certainlhy can't be looked at with an optimistic OR pessimistic view . . . . we need to make up a 'view' for it. How about "crapfabulicious"?

    They are boys and they are young. Their behavior is perfectly normal. Unfortunately their bodies are not normal. They don't produce insulin.

    So . . . . Mmmmmmeeeeeeerrrrriiii

    YOU get to be the hero. The hoverer. The cleaner-upper. The safety guard. The ever present psuedo pancreas with a swelly brain.


    Love you! :)

  5. Your swag skills amaze me!

    Cereal is evil as is without the added half empy half full saga!

  6. oh sheesh..uneaten bowls of cereal are the hardest to SWAG for! you rock Meri!

  7. I agree...cereal is pretty un predictable for us too....but my kids love it. Who am I kidding, I love it. Along with finding test strips everywhere other than where they are supposed to be, non communication over partially eaten food is a pet peeve of mine. I am with you, it seems like no big deal but it ends up causing a mini-brain explosion.

  8. Yep Im a loser at cereal too dear and yeah I cant figure it out and stopped trying a while ago to figure it . and I can go to 300 to a 30 in a matter of ten mins eating cereal so I just sort of leave it alone . LOL !!! I can totally understand your head wanting to explode .

  9. You swag cereal?!? You effin rock girl!!! Cereal does not like us... no swagging alowed.

  10. You are a SWAG'n superhero, indeed! Way to tackle that cereal, despite the uncertainty of the cereal bowls.

  11. poop crack me up!
    However, I do know that all has gone well for your boys with school start up, right? So whatever you decided worked - leaving the obvious to be observed: YOU ROCK!

  12. Oh, Meri, I love you! Seriously, my head explodes over cereal on a regular basis. Our favorite is raisin bran. Lily loves it...and by "it" I mean she eats just the raisins. How in the world am I supposed to figure out carbs for a bowl of cereal that has only had the raisins picked out of it?

    Awesome job recovering from the explosion! Wishing your boys and you a fantastic school year ahead!

  13. New bowls AND cereal on the first day.

    YOU ARE A D MANIAC!!!!!!!

    Totally living on the edge over there, Sista :)

    Welcome back to school.


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  15. Am I the only one who makes her d kids measure their cereal and milk in the morning?? Just wondering.


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