Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Daring myself to keep it short.

Man...I could write forever. I think I could sit down and just write and write and write.

Yeah, I totally get that sometimes my blogs go on and on and on.


(Okay! A lot of times!)

But I wanted to say hello and let you know how proud I am of me.

Yeah. You heard it right. ME!

I let my two oldest guys go on an airplane to Washington without me.

Yay me!

Sure I spent three hours almost throwing up while their plane was delayed, stuck on the tarmac.

Sure I almost burst into tears that would surly have overflowed the Pacific Ocean while J texted me 100 messages telling me how sucky it was...

But. I. Didn't.

And THAT my something.

I'm so good at "internal" freak outs these days...I can almost go pro.

If there was a "D Mama's Got Talent," I would totally try out.

I would stand on that stage while my oldest T1 left for Scout Camp and I wouldn't even flinch. I know. Not everyone has tear ducts of steel like me.

So on a compeltely unrelated topic, (not,)...J is coming home tomorrow...and then REALLY leaving two days later for 9 days at scout camp.

But whatever.

I've done it before. He's done it before.

No biggie.



I think I'm going to go bang my head against a wall now.

Internally, of course.

Aren't you glad I kept it short? this short?


  1. OMGoodness!!! You would totally ROCK the D Mama's Got Talent Competition Meri...IN.EVERY.CATAGORY!

    I hope the trip went smoothly. You give me courage and hope...thank you for that.

  2. I would LOVE to see a D Mama Got Talent show! Hmmm.... what would my act be???

    You are rockin it, my friend! I am proud of you, too! And I will be coming to you for tutoring in the future! :)

  3. You have great strength Meri! Can you do some superhero magic on my tear ducts?

  4. You're amazing. DEEP BREATHE. Everything is going to be ok. And I thorougly enjoy your long posts. lol

  5. YOU ARE ONE ROCK HARD NERVES OF STEEL D MAMMA :)...well at least on the outside!

    You go boys have a wonderful time and be safe and make sure to call...a lot for your mom's sake!!

  6. Tear ducts of steel!! LOVE IT!
    I bow to you and your greatness.

  7. I'm still a little hurt that you didnt come with them so I could spend some time with you! ;)
    But way to go momma for staying so strong!

  8. You guys have had a pretty busy summer. Yeah for summer opportunities and "internal" freakouts!

  9. You are ah-mazing!! I got through one week of camp with Bean...couldn't imagine doing it multiple times with multiple kiddos!!

  10. The saying goes 'it's what's on the inside that counts.' Since D turns everything on its head, now it's what's on the outside that counts... cool, calm, collected Meri showing her face to the world. :) Woot!

  11. Oh boy. A D Mama Got Talent show... that's the next big thing. Guaranteed! So need to pitch that to the TV Powers That Be! Nice job on keeping it "short", Meri!

  12. You would totally ROCK the talent show, my friend.

    I'm so proud of you for keeping your cool.

    You're a rock!!!!

    And I should know because, you know, I've been LOGGED IN on YOUR computer while sitting on YOUR couch in real life.

    That makes me an insider.

  13. It was perfect! ; )
    And you were amazing-I can't imagine EVER letting my kids go on an airplane alone, much less with diabetes riding with them! Go, Meri!! You SHOULD be proud.
    *giving you a BIG trophy* *and two boxes: tissues and chocolates*
    Love you! : )

  14. I'm proud of you too...and yes it was short, but why are you trying to keep it short? I love your long swelly brain posts!

  15. Really, you give me strength! The mere thought of Ally going to camp was more than I could handle. And then I read and re-read an old post of yours about sending one of your loves to scout camp. You give me strength! Love you!

  16. You are amazing. Period.

    I love your posts - long or short!

  17. I aspire to be like you when Js older. You are amazing! No head banging! ;)

  18. You inspire me. Again. Love you!

  19. My heart bleeds for you and your family and the fear you all must experience. It is not fair!!1

  20. I'm always proud of you - but now I'm extra super proud!!!! Internal freak-outs are fine. They are expected. But not holding your children back because of fears - letting them get there and have fun - that is AWESOME!!!! :D


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