Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Calling all smarty pants! Help. Me.

When J was younger, I mean REALLY younger, we gave him fruit snacks when he was low.

We could even feed that kid in his sleep. Chomp Chomp Chomp...his eyes wouldn't even flutter open when I would stick one in his cheek.

Rookie mistake.

10 years and hundreds of dollars in dental work later...we needed something new.

That is when we switched to Yogos. The yogurt covering kept them from sticking to the boys teeth. They had a sugar to bring the blood sugars up, and a bit of fat to keep them there.

Also, they did not melt in my purse.

Win Win

But for the past month I haven't been able to find them on shelves anywhere. Not at Target, not at any grocery store. I just checked the Kellogg's site...and they have been discontinued.

Not cool!

Now I need to find a replacement. And the task is proving harder than I anticipated!

My boys don't like chalky smarties are out. They loath glucose tabs.

Starbursts and skittles stick to their teeth.

What can I keep in my purse that won't break the bank??? (Or their teeth.) I know there are little juice shots...but they are really expensive.

Help me o wise readers! We leave for Disney soon and I need something to keep in my purse. I have apple juice and capri suns with 25% less sugar, (16carbs.) But that is just fast acting. I need something with staying power.

And I tried those kids Z Bars. They don't like them either.

Heaven help me.

Readers help me!

SOMEBODY! Help me!

If I sound desperate, I'm sorry. It is only because I am. (Insert awkward smile of pure desperatness here.) There is something out there and I know I am missing it.

Huh, I just thought of dry cereal. But that would crumble in my purse.

Can I make this any harder? Maybe I need to invent something, like tubes of pudding. Or reinvent it, because it looks like Hunts Snack Pack used to make them...and now they don't. :( Easy to fit in the purse...sugar plus fat...

I have a little tear just thinking about it.


  1. Larabars work for me because they don't melt and are darn tasty and good for you. Cinnamon Roll, Banana Bread, Cherry Pie, Pecan Pie, Key Lime Pie, Carrot Cake & Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough are my favorites. Cashew Cookie is disgusting. FYI, they contain nuts.
    If you live near a TraderJoes, they have Trader Joe Brand Granola Bars that are tasty & reasonably priced. I think a 6 pack costs a $1.99 ish. They contain anywhere between 22 and 25 grams of carbs so they have staying power, and they don't melt!
    Hope this helps!

  2. I linke Luna bars....lots of protein along with the carbs...21g.

  3. Hello hidden valley ranch!! Those packets are great for your purse! :)
    Seriously though have you heard of yogurt melts? They're freeze dried yogurt drops! I'll check my package for carb info and get back to you. :)

  4. No good snack ideas, but we've moved from ziplock baggies to the containers for snacks in Bean's kit. No crumbling of the crackers anymore...and who really wants to eat crumby goldfish or wheat thins anyway!
    We also use travel soap dispensers for juice boxes...I can also see them working well for baggies of snack so you can carry a few options in a small area. BUT, make sure to get the ones that aren't contoured otherwise you'll need a rubberband to keep it closed!

  5. Can you use the fruit snacks for daytime lows since they'll brush teeth eventually? (I suppose not good if there are any braces involved.) I hate using them at night too. I know people mentioned those Yogurt bits (or whatever their called) in the baby food aisle. I usually gave those to John when my daughter was younger because he got a LOT of them and it was less than 5 carbs. So they'd need to eat a big portion. And that would get spendy.

    WHat about just raisins or craisins? I haven't tried treating lows with those but they might work?

  6. This may not be the best for bringing up quick but for long holding and easy to carry...our favorite is still South Beach bars, come in chocolate and peanut butter, maybe more! 18c and 8 protein. They are w/ the regular cereal bars, not the super protein ones that taste funky!)...They hold G through the night and day @ school better than anything!
    I also like mixing PB (for the protein of course) in a container w/ syrup or molasses - honey? (loaded w/ sugar naturally!) for a good snack to pick up G and hold her for a good while! AND, it's different than the norm -- I love molasses, honey, etc w/ PB!!
    Easy to carry in a container (small ones) as well.
    It would still be better to have a little sugar by itself to work before the protein first though...for real low lows...I still stick to juice (in the small cans for travel). Good luck. Eager to hear what everyone else says! HAVE FUN!!

  7. what about apple sauce pouches? They are like 12g. Like GoGo Squeeze or Trader Joe's has some of their brand. Easy to carry and healthy.

  8. Pixie Stix are great too...15gm each, dissolve easily and completely without chewing :-)

  9. I have recently discovered that marshmallows work really fast for a low! Don't know if carrying them in your purse would be a good idea though, and definitely not good for the teeth since they are pretty much pure sugar. :( I never even thought of Yogos! My son eats the fruit snacks. Even at night. And he can eat them in his sleep too. :/

  10. South Beach has chocolate protein bars with 17c.....but they might be too slow for low lows... they have 8g protein (soy) and taste like chocolate krispy bars! What about portable chocolate Milk? Would probably have to bolus back some of the 23c though....I dont always like the bolus back approach which is why we try to always use **just** the right amount of carbs. Hmmmmmm

  11. I often carry around little snack-packs of Jif peanut butter in the D-bag. I know they sell them at Walmart, they are little containers that are disposable and ADam likes to dip pretzels in them, or just eat the peanut butter! There's a brand called Justin's, i think, that they sell at walmart to that is like a 1 serving squeeze pack of peanut butter. Rice krispy bars are handy too!

  12. another thought! We buy the yogurt tubes...and freeze them. Perfect for throwing in your bag and then they melt a bit just in time for a low - it has sugar and some protein for staying power!

  13. I have become a fan of the Dex4 (or sometimes named after the pharmacy that sells them; e.g. CVS, Walmart, Walgreens, etc.) Liquid Blast. They are premeasured in 15 or 16 grams of liquid dextrose. No chewing required, it's basically a drink (or like a shot of whiskey/vodka/rum/tequila). They sell for about $2.99 in most stores, or are $1.99 at Walmart, right next to the glucose tablets) but they're really quick. The only downside is there's no fat, but they work well for me.

  14. WHAT!!! NO MORE YOGO's??? Thats crappy!!!

    I have a small little box that I keep crushable stuff in. Its the size of a sandwich container. Plus... it stops things from flopping all around my purse.

  15. I, too, am lamenting the loss of Yogos. After reading this post, I went to the Kellogg's site and sent them a message, requesting they bring back Yogos. In case you want to do the same, here's the link:

    We use fruit snacks during the day, when I know he'll brush his teeth. We also use apple sauce pouches from both Materne and Trader Joe's. We use Gerber juice bottles that don't deteriorate in our D kit. We just bought those Justin's peanut butter pouches that Stephanie mentioned and Jack really likes them...but he also likes Z bars.

    A while back, Alexis posted on FB these Hershey's S'Mores dessert icing pouches. I'm guessing they may have some fat and protein in them? I've been meaning to check them out for us. Perhaps they might do the trick? At least, they won't crumble in your purse.

    Or what about Nutella single serve packets?

  16. Thought of something else: yogurt covered raisins.

  17. We have fallen in love with the packets of peanut/almond/hazelnut butter from Justins Nut Butter Co. you can get honey,chocolate or maple sweetened varieties and they have small pouches (up to 5g carbs) or larger ones (up to about 11g) totally portable and shelf stable for post fast acting staying power! we buy ours at King Soopers (kroger), whole foods or vitamin cottage...

  18. Hi Meri,
    Sunmaid makes tiny, six ounce boxes of vanilla yogurt covered raisins, with twenty carbs per box. I find them at my local Wal-Mart in the aisle with the regular raisins. I keep sugarless gum in my purse for Joshua to chew after a sugary snack to help with his teeth. Also, all of those "100 calorie" snack packs (by Nabisco, Snackwell, etc...) have about the right amount of carbs and come in lots of varities.

  19. I agree with the previous comments, yogurt covered raisins. Raisins are fast acting and they still have the yogurt. The little boxes get expensive so I buy a big bag and save my tic tac boxes to fill with the right amount for clear carbs lol

  20. first of all, yay Disney! We're going in July! First time since dx! Whoo!

    What if you used one of those hard-shell cheerio containers for your cereal instead of ziplocs? Or, for a larger serving, what about those long plastic containers the single serving Crystal Light packets come in? (as seen on this site:

    Am getting a lot of good tips from the comments here, so thanks for asking the question!

  21. we rely a lot on Dum Dums. They are 7 c each, travel well, and no one has yet refused one. :)


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