Monday, March 7, 2011

The Bullet Train

We weren’t doing anything, I swear.

We were just strolling down the boardwalk of life when BAM…the bullet train swept us up!


The Strep Bullet Train.

We went from a leisurely pace to supersonic speed in an instant. There was no going back. There was no getting off. We needed to stop the train before our fate turned to careening down the cliffs at the tracks end.

When you are on a bullet train your mind becomes jello. Every decision must be made instantly…and when there is urgency in your decisions, your decisions don’t come easily.

If I was on the boardwalk…I could have calmly and thoughtfully put together a plan of attack.

If we had warning…

But no warning allowed…Illness...BAM! Make decisions and make them now.

How do we stop the step train?

The doctor!

He couldn’t see us until the next day.

Playing the Type 1 Card didn’t work.

They did not care that my son could not, would not, eat or drink.

They did not care that my son NEEDED to eat and drink.

"Tomorrow," they say.

The night on the bullet train was eerily quiet…the calm before the storm. With every hour we could feel the train gain its momentum.

And the next morning? The engineer began to lose control.

Sips of water. Sips of Apple juice.

Throw up. Throw up. Throw up.

Doctor confirms strep…medicine given.

Throw up. Throw up. Throw up.

Ice cream?


Apple sauce?


Apple juice?




Ketones: 0.5


Tummy calms.


Throat is an angry raging mess of hurt.

Baby steps.

Baby sips.

The bullet train is losing steam...figuratively of course. Who knows what a bullet train runs on. Fear, maybe?

The train continues down its track…we are not allowed off…but yet it slows. And decisions come easier.

In a few days we will be allowed off.

And we will take our path, leisurely walking the boardwalk until the kidnapping terror of the bullet train sweeps up our family again.

When you see a train, think of many families that are dealing with the sick day…gripping their seats…praying for the train to slow. It is a scary ride. One we don’t have much control over.

We can only hold on tight and make split second decisions, hoping and praying the train will let us off at the next station.

It isn’t easy stopping a bullet train.


  1. ALL ABOARD!!! I am gripping my seat as I type Meri! (((HUGS)))

  2. ((hugs)) great word picture...I shared this on FB to give my non D friends a glimpse into our world on sick days. Great post! I hope the strep was/is short lived and only one of your boys has to have a sick day. Love you!

  3. Hope you all get better real soon! I hate the strep train!!! Take care of you and yours Meri! Kim

  4. one aspect of school I don't look forward to...can we keep them in a germ free bubble?!
    Really, I hope all get better quickly in your home and this spring starts giving us all a reprieve from germs.

  5. We have not ridden that particulr bullet train yet... but I am sure glad that I have friends like you, who were past passengers, so that when we do, we have someone to call on. :)

  6. I was speaking to a group of nurses last night in my area and they are going through a huge influx of the flu. One nurse said she saw 63 kids yesterday. (understand the NZ schools are small compared to the US) The good thing about that trais is it's fast. Hopefully it will end quickly for you! Sending love.

  7. Oh man! Hope things get better fast!

    Wish there was a sure way to avoid that ride!

  8. WHAT! The D card didn't work? What the shit is that all about? Do they no know?... well, probley not. What's new.

  9. This year and illness has been ridiculous. I hope the ride ends soon Meri!

  10. I can't believe they didn't get you in that day. Poop on them!

    Hope the rides ends soon! : )

  11. Great post, Meri. Hope the train ride smooths out.

  12. Here's to no more train rides for a good, long while!

  13. we are on that train at the moment with a vomiting bug


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