Thursday, February 17, 2011

Attention ALL bloggers!

Our Diabetic Life is in charge of the Blogger Basal this month!

What is Blogger Basal you ask? Well, it is a sampling of blogs throughout the diabetic online community. As basal insulin is a steady/constant dripping of insulin, the blogger basal is a steady/constant dripping of thoughts throughout our community. If your blog has a thousand readers, or just two...I want to link to you!

I will link to one post per participating blog. All YOU have to do is email me a link to a February blog post. One from your own blog...the one that you like best.

Easy Peasy?

Maybe...but here is the catch. I need your link by Wednesday, February 23rd. (That is less than a week away. So you might as well send it to me today. :)

Please email me at and I will make sure your blog is represented. If you were like me...and out of the loop this month due to illness or just plain life, tune in on the last day of the month for the wrap up. You won't be sorry!

I look forward to reading your submissions...mother, father, adult or child. If you blog...get your voice out there! This is a great platform to start getting people involved in your own Diabetic Life!

Don't be shy! Email me today!


  1. Honestly, can you be MORE creative with your posts? NO, I don't think so!

  2. I don't know if I have anything worthy of your greatness!!!

  3. LOL Lora!! What ev! I bow to your sense of humor! You are nothing less than wonderful!

  4. Look at you all better and back in the blogging world. I am so happy you're back :)

  5. This is pretty neat. Thank you Meri for supporting the community!

  6. This is pretty neat. Thank you Meri for supporting the community!

  7. You are right! Why put off today what I would just put off next week and miss the deadline! I am off to find just the right post to represent. Squee!


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