Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Son of a biscuit!

It’s happening again. Things are getting out of hand. Are basals whacked out, or are these random numbers just here to torment me? Numbers are popping up that for the life of me SHOULD. NOT. BE. THERE!

L called with a 370 at snack yesterday. Say huh? He bolused for breakfast. It was the very same breakfast he eats three times a week. It is my go to breakfast when I want good numbers!

J was 62 one hour after dinner last night. What that heck?

B was 220…AFTER basketball practice. That number should not be within miles of him after all that running. By the way, he went in at 147, and he kept his pump on.

And why? Why? Why was L low ALL NIGHT LONG? It makes NO sense. He doesn’t go low at night! I have not changed basals! He has not been sick! WHHHHHHHY?

Go away arbitrary-insane-where-the-flip-did-you-come-from numbers!

You know things are bad when you have to Google, “nice swear words.”

I'm not a rookie, I know that we are to expect random numbers that don't make sense...but for me, when it rains it pours. They all have to whack out together, on the very same day. Is it the cosmos keeping me on my toes? Is it a top secret pancreas test given to me once a quarter? Am I being punked?

Regardless, it is all hitting the fan people. And there is only one explanation as to why.

Tomorrow is our endo appointment.

'Nuff said.


  1. the end is so funny. hope the crazy number coaster doesn't mess up anyone's a1c's.

  2. Sorry friend. I hope there is less insanity today. :)

  3. Glad you can find the humor! Good luck!

  4. I hope things settle down SOOOON! Mason's numbers do this the week of our appointment too! Nothing like a cruel trick from a non working pancreas!

  5. Meri, I think your boys and the "roller coaster numbers" are like when a group of women live together and their cycles synchronize. It's gotta be like that, right? I hope the randomly off numbers straighten out soon! Lily's numbers always do that before endo appts and I always see it as a good thing...maybe the endo can get her straightened out better than I can! It's kind of nice to have someone else make the adjustments sometimes since I'm so frequently left with a mushy, swelly brain that can't figure it all out!

  6. I just love reading your blogs!! You are so real and you say it like it is! You're a wonderful mom, and you have wonderful kids. And wonderful diabetes all over the place! How you keep your sanity is beyond me, and I just have me to deal with. Keep up the great work!! Kim

  7. Ha Ha!!! Love the ending! Ain't that the truth?! I was all over Ellie's numbers for the last week (recovery from flu-hospital hell). Had it ALLLLL figured out for the big basal adjustment last night to start tonight, catch that naggy high over night and back the hell off by 4am for that backwards morning low...HOWEVER! 2 juices for lows overnight never seeing a damn number over 110 at any point and a fat ass 64 for breakfast??? REALLY!? Now I got 3 MORE DAYS OF WAIT TO SEE WHAT THA?! Ha ha ha! Gotta love it eh?! ((hugs))

  8. If you lived here it could be caused by cabin fever - all that snow and cold weather, you know.
    Guess not since you're sunny and warm.
    Hang in there, this too shall pass.

  9. I'm thinking this is just a never ending ride, right?! Seems my husband isn't so up and down, though...so right about when Isaac is on his own, living in his own place, things will smooth out...perfect?!
    I hope your endo appt went well for the three boys and that the numbers start getting back into place soon ;)

  10. I prefer mine to be out of whack together, then they are in line together too. Just think if it were only one at a time Meri! You would always be trying to tweak someones routine. Maybe that's just me though!!

  11. Wait, your Endo appt. was the next day. Well of course. It would only make sense if the numbers were flying in and out of the stratosphere the day before you see the doctor :)

  12. "Am I being punked?" LOVE IT! That's how feel lately too. Now at least I can find some humor in it...if tomorrow's numbers look anything like todays' I will just say "Am I being punked?" Good luck at the endo!

  13. Fo Sho - being punked!
    You know it had to happen with the endo appt the next day. Nuff said!!

    I hope you get those numbers slapped back in place super fast!


  14. Lordy lord lord! Why does is just come outta no where?! A lil warning would be nice!!

    Hope it evens out!

  15. Why is it that right before an endo appt numbers go wacky???...happens here too. Being that we have not been at this for a year yet, I thought it was a weird quinky-dink. Since it is happening X3 at your house, I don't feel so weird.

  16. typical before an endo appointment.

    Hope things settle for you soon xx

  17. UGH...I read this from my phone last night Meri...sounds like HELL! I cannot imagine all of their numbers "off"...I would be institutionalized.

    Have I mentioned you are my HERO?!

  18. I don't know how you do it...I'm amazed!

    I'm thinking you're really great sense of humor has a lot to do with it.

    You know what? the week before my endo appointment my numbers are always crazy! hmm

  19. Stinkola. Big time. And Meri, honestly, I don't know how you do it with 3 diabetics. You truly amaze me.

    Question though....what are your "go-to" breakfasts? I rotate between a couple as well, but I'm curious what you feed the boys! : )

  20. I can ALWAYS count on you for a smile, Meri..... Thanks for delivering big time this post.


  21. How do you do it? Four any kinda boys let alone 4 t1 boys!! I will never complain about how hard it is to be the Mom of one t1 boy again. Ok I will, but I will think of you and feel guilty for complaining!

  22. Ooops 3 t1 boys... any hoo...p

  23. and the endo said??????????

    Hehe. Funny and sing-songy post. Wrapped a big 'ol smile around my face! Thanks, Meri

  24. Olá! Quero que você visite meu blog e não é porque você está doente, mas porque você está vivo!
    Aproveite cada minuto de sua vida, quando você reclama de algo, está perdendo seu preciso tempo. E a vida temos hoje, porque sabemos que estamos vivo agora, amanhâ ninguém sabe, nem eu, nem você, nem seus amigos...VIVA CADA MOMENTO DA SUA VIDA! Beijinhos


  25. Doesn't it always hit the fan right before the endo appt ?! I know it does for my girls....wacky numbers and serious high bg's haunt us too :(

    Hope things are going better.

    Thanks for the smiles...'Nuff said :)

  26. Hey there, just added you to my blogroll. I too have 2 type 1 kids, and I am type 1 myself. We also have 3 non-D kids. Grand total 5. I agree, basals and diabetes ingeneral are a pain in the "beep" We are contantly tweaking, and love the blog.


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