Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Is that “almost low” a threat young man!?

L has been bringing the big guns lately.

He’ll check his sugar, and if he is even borderline low, he’ll say…”I’m ALMOST low! I need to eat.”

And then I’ll usually say something practical like, “You are ok, dinner is in five minutes.” Or, “We will be home in a couple minutes and we’ll get you a snack ASAP.”

Where he will retort, “But MOMMMMMMM! I’m almost in the 50’S! I could be in the danger zone ANY minute!” (As he throws his hands in the air and snorts impatiently.)

He’s good. I gotta give him that.

So what the heck is a mom to do? She can’t say, “Your being dramatic L! Lows don’t happen THAT quickly.” Because as we all know…they can.

And I do make a big deal about him being low in school and eating immediately...no putting off snacks, (not even 5 minutes.)

So I’ve been inclined to let him win this one.

If he says he is “almost low,” (Which usually is 70’s-80’s,) I’ve been letting him eat immediately.

So I hand him a banana...

There are far worse things than giving your child a banana, right?

But part of me doesn’t want to play this game anymore. Scare tactics aren’t welcome in this house. I want him to always listen to the cues his body gives him…but he needs to be reasonable in times of “almost” need.

As a result I’ve made a decision of sorts…I’ve decided if it is after school in the car, I’ll let him eat something…’cause that kid can CRASH after school. But, If we are literally going to eat dinner in 5 minutes…I will give him a tickle, tell him I would NEVER let anything happen to him, and let him know if he waits just a few minutes, he will be ok.

That is my plan anyway…

As long as these eyes don’t get to me first…


  1. I would advise this: ANYTHING Mom decides is the best. All rules default to Mom who can decide to honor the rule or break the rule. Mom is the final answer e-v-e-r-y-t-i-m-e.

    Oh my, those eyes!!!!!

  2. Cara is the exact same way!! and I fell torn just like you because of it. Good luck my friend these kids have us tied around their little pinky finger!! BUT OF COURSE FOR GOOD REASON ;)

  3. HA!
    I hear that sometimes! It cracks me up! But at least they are aware.....gotta give 'em an A for effort!

    Just think....this is an indication that when he's older, he's going to take excellent care of himself thanks to your guidance!

  4. It's the eye roll and the hand waving in a dramatic way that gets me - oscar winning stuff! A tricky one to get right though - to snack or not to snack that is the question.....

  5. what beautiful eyes they are! Justice does this occasionally and when I offer a fruit or healthy snack he declines....hmmm. Lol good luck!

  6. I think those eyes would get me every time =)

  7. wish that tough love would work on my husband too...I swear he's almost always low right before dinner. And it's an "almost" low, not a low low, but an "I feel I'm dropping low." Who am I to argue?
    And yes, I'd have a heck of a time telling those beautiful eyes and freckled nose to wait...but it's a great plan!

  8. "The eyes" are deadly...he will get whatever he wants when he wants with those adorable eyes and angel kisses (freckles).

    Meri, I hear you on this one...Joe does the same to me - UGH...

  9. Crafty little L... gotta love him!

  10. I get that a lot from Marty. I think it's that growing thing and desire to re-fuel. If we are at home, I usually let Marty have a bit of milk...just to hold him the WHOLE 5 MINUTES. If we are out, I give him a little something. Seems our boys are very similar.

  11. Justin does the same thing. STINKERS!

    I do the same thing as you do... or plan to do. Just avoid eye contact at all costs... and you will be fine :)

  12. Tell him he needs to wear sun glasses at all times! ;-)

  13. Count Matthew in with the other kiddos!

    And yes, those eyes would get me too!!!

  14. Oh, those eyes! Add a couple of teardrops and you'll be a goner for sure! But, it's worth a try, right?

  15. Good luck with that -
    those eyes are killer!

  16. What a chancer! I remember those good old days. That is where it sucked to have a diabetic mum, she could always tell by looking at me, and stomach rumbles always busted me.

    It is a fine line though, we need to be able to properly understand our own bodies signals in case one day that is all we have. But it is hard to deny cuteness.

  17. That is funny! We have been having so many lows lately..Addison has gotten to eat lots of things we don't normally have. He keeps asking me if he is low hoping I will dig a popsicle out of the freezer!


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