Tuesday, November 2, 2010

The World Series. It reminds me of...

Around our household…we have been glued to the TV the past few weeks. We have been cheering. We have been wincing. We have been clutching onto each other with dear life.

Reminds me of the Diabetes roller coaster we ride every day.

We have watched a group of characters capture our hearts. Each team member with a distinct personality. Each player uniquely important to the game. Each one contributed to the win.

Reminds me of some of the Type 1 Players in my family.

Lincecum, AKA the freak! Brian Wilson, FEAR THE BEARD! The curve balls, the strikes, the foul balls. The wild pitches!

Reminds me of the twists and turns of our life as we bolus the boys and check their blood sugars throughout the day.

Four wins and one loss. It was close. Each game had its good plays and its bad plays. There were saves and there were errors, but the Giants…they buckled down and pulled through.

Reminds me of the ups and downs with D. We win some blood sugar battles and we lose some. BUT we win more than we lose, and that keeps us going.

Cody Ross batting average: .294 Buster Posey’s on base percentage: .354 Juan Uribe’s Slugging Percentage: .167

Reminds me of an interesting blood sugar night we had after some pizza last week.

MVP. Edger Renteria. He sat on the bench because of injuries for 4 months this season. He was counted out by so many. But when it counted…when he was needed the most…he shined!

Reminds me of each one of my boys. They may have to sit out sometimes, but when they are needed the most they contribute, and their contributions are always momentous!

The San Francisco crowd! They cheered until they were blue in the face. With one voice they howled for the victories, cried in the defeats…but NEVER lost faith in their team. They believed in every one of the players. They were loyal to the end, and will continue to be loyal as long as there are Giants to cheer for!

Reminds me of the DOC. We will always have each other’s backs. We will support each other, and believe in each other, and cheer on each other until the game is won.

If a cure comes along…I hope there are hours and hours of play by play interviews with the people that worked so hard for it, and with the people who have sat in the seats of Diabetes Stadium…and LIVED through the craziness of the game.

P.S. Speaking of gamers, here is a list of all the other T1 Mamas that I know of, who are participating along with me in NoBloPoMo. It would be great if you could cheer them on too!

Kris, Hallie, Jen, Nicole, Lora, Wendy, Tracy, Heather & Sweet Momma.


  1. Great post Meri. I love the comparison to the World Series..very appropriate!

  2. Meri, ur family sounds a lot like my family they are all about The World Series.

    Good luck with NaBloPoMo!!!

  3. Great post and I was thinking about you :) and Laura :( as we watch the game!

    thanks for the link :)

  4. Great post! I love sports analogies! It would be so cool if they interviewed all of us when they find a cure! I can't even imagine all the excitement. :)

  5. Rah Rah Ree... your sure awesome Meri :) hehe

  6. You are awesome Meri - love the comparison! And I am so sorry my Phillies lost. Boo hoo, I shall go and cry now... Congrats on the win though.

  7. You said once that you could take anything and relate it to diabetes.

    Now that you're blogging everyday, I'm thinking a challenge could be in order!!!!!

    Great post.


  8. Meri, I'm so glad you're participating in NaBloPoMo. I look forward to reading your posts every day.

  9. You are SUCH a mom of 4 boys - love it!

  10. And you are a great cheerleader!
    Go Team!

  11. I can only imagin your house at World Series time! I too love being a part of a team! My family and my DOC!!! ((hug))


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