Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Meri Musings

* I can now type without looking at the keyboard or the screen. This comes in handy when I am in the middle of writing a thought and a boy comes in demanding my attention.

* I like saying "awkward." To make others feel awkward. Especially when it comes to my parents. They will say something to me, and I will randomly say, "I wish you didn't tell me that. Really awkward." Then they automatically feel awkward. True story.

* I just made the announcement that no more teenagers are allowed. J turns 13 next week. Sucks for him. Wonder how he's going to work that one out.

* I like pumpkin pie. Just thought I would throw that one out there.

* I started three diets last month. Two of them lasted less than a day. My husband THREW AWAY all the Halloween candy because he and I couldn't keep our hands out of it. I'm pretty sure there was at least 5 pounds of candy. He regretted it that night, but couldn't retrieve it because he purposely threw it away with gross food we just cleaned out of the fridge.

* My birthday is in January. Just in case, you know, you wanted to knit me something.

* The trees are finally turning gold and orange and red and all the brilliant colors of fall. Brings peace and happiness to an old D Mama's soul.

* Last week, I had two birthday parties in a three day period. L's was on a Wednesday. B's was on a Friday. Note to self. Don't invite extra kids, expecting that some won't be able to come. EVERY single child I invited to BOTH parties showed up. You bet I'm going to file that away for next year. Oh, and PS Meri, having two parties in the same week wasn't such a bright idea either.

* My favorite show this year, and sadly it seems as though there are slim pickin's these favorite show is Castle. I originally mixed up the star of the show, Nathan Fillion, with Jason Bateman. Come on...the two have never been seen in the same place. Are they one person?

* Lastly, I was SO opposed to the whole Silly Bandz epidemic. But now that my boys got some for their birthdays...I LOVE THEM! It has especially helped little L make more friends. He trades them at recess and is SO happy because of it. (Actually, he gives away more than he trades, but what ev...if he is making win! So what if I have to buy these kids off!)

* And this just in...(really, this is the last one,) I can no longer type BECAUSE correctly. I type it becUAse. What the heck is wrong with me?? My fingers WILL NOT type the A before the U. No kidding.

So that's it. Another day of NaBloPoMo...done and done!


  1. I LOVE Castle too. I like that line in the intro where he says he is not a killer and she says, "Yes you are, you kill my patience."

    And I am totally using your "awkward" ploy. Brilliant.

    Love you- you are doing an amazing job with NaBloPoMo. (I can't type it, let alone do it!)

  2. Great post. Love this, Meri!

    Never seen Castle, might have to check it out. And Nathan Fillion is totally the same person as Jason Bateman!

  3. if it makes you feel any better I can't do "the" correctly. I do "hte" every time. And I love Jason Bateman in Dodgeball and taht movie where Will Smith is a super hero..what was that movie? I can't do taht either apparently.

  4. Love the randomness :)and I really thing that they look a lot a like. There are a few stars that I always get mixed up!! and I'm a January baby too :)

    and Reyna I just feel in love with you... I LOVE DODGEBALL... that is one of only a few movies that I can watch again and again. P.S. I think the movie is called Hancock :)

  5. i love getting to know u more! Btw Synsyres fav word is awkward lol...idk why....

  6. Cool to hear that the Silly Bandz thing has gone global... Not sure where this fad started, but someone's making lots of $ selling these!! Well worth it if it means more friends though :-)

    Oh and our leaves were pretty colors like 6 weeks ago, now they're mostly on the ground and past the peaceful phase... we're now in the just plain cold phase :-(

  7. I'm totally going to have to do this.....the well is running a bit dry, ya know!!!!!!


  8. I would knit you something weird (like underwear) for your birthday if I could knit.

    I guess it's a good thing I can't.

  9. Yay for January birthdays!! (both my hubs and I are caps)
    My boys came home last week begging for SillyBandz since "everyone" has them. Same feeling, if it makes you friends, I mean happy. There have been worse fads.

  10. I can't type 'the' either. It comes out as 'teh', though - not 'hte'. Every single time!

  11. want a knit bikini...just found a great pattern for one in my new to me "Stitch and Bitch" book...I'm sure it holds up great in water, as if knits don't stretch (or my body after having children!!!)
    Glad to hear you had to toss all the candy, I donated ours to a local charity hosting a carnival.

  12. Jules, from Muffinmoon, knitted a BRA Meri...I think it might fit you. It looked like a delicate white angora-y fabric - WOOT!

    I am with a couple of the others "teh", instead of "the"...

    And, I don't watch too much TV...but those guys look EXACTLY alike.

    Speaking of "awkward" about eating your pumpkin pie with Jason Bateman while sporting your knitted bra (from Jules) that is AWKWARD - well just becUAse!!!

    Loved this.

  13. Thier. Always. Thank God for spell check. Maybe my fingers are dyslexic.

    Pumpkin pie.... Mmmmmm....

    Diets- let's not discuss it. AWKWARD

    Love your list!

  14. I am just a random, horrible typist. I could not survive with out spell check.

    Not a huge fan of Pumpkin pie, but I love Pumpkin bars! :)

    I don't do diets. I agree with Hallie here. AWKWARD.

    I haven't ever seen the show but I might have to check it out. Not that I have time to watch TV!

    Maybe I should learn to knit so I can may you something. My birthday is in December, btw. ;)

    Love ya!

  15. AWKWARD!

    I love Castle AND Jason Bateman, ever since he was on that awesome tv show in the 80s. Good times! :)

  16. I think you are super cool and really glad we are friends. I can't knit but I do know that your b-day is exactly 1 day before mine. :)

  17. There are JDRF "silly bandz"!

  18. Oh, but Nathan is so much hotter. I assume you've watched every episode of Fire Fly...compulsively...over and over. Oh, or is that just me? heehee :)

    This was the first year we yielded to common sense and did a "combo" Sept birthday.


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