Monday, November 29, 2010

Out with the old, and in with the new!

It has been a rocky Thanksgiving holiday…blood sugar wise.

Since the first night the boys had no school…wonky city.

No rhyme or reason to nothing. Blood sugars went where they wanted to go without any mind to the boluses I threw at them.

A couple days in I was bolusing the boys 40% more insulin for their meals.

I thought, WOW! They must really get a lot more exercise at school.

I upped B’s and L’s basals too.

It was getting to be too much. I’ve been so overwhelmed with it, I even haven’t had it in me to read blogs this week. Shameful! I totally know!

Every day one of the boys would have an out of the stratosphere kinda number, (or two...or three.) Totally from left field, you know? And no…none of those numbers were low.

I was feeling defeated.

Until Saturday afternoon after we changed out the boys pump sets yet again…

And BAM! Just like it all began…it ended.

We have only achieved blood sugar nirvana since those set changes.

The boys’ numbers have been brilliant…with a few lows in between.

What changed?

We had done a couple set changes last week with no change in numbers…but this set change made all the difference in the world!

Yes…a new bottle of insulin.

The old insulin sucked lemons.

BOOO! to bad old insulin that made me half mad with guilt and wracked me with the feeling of total ineptitude.



Hooray for a fresh batch! I can feel my sanity slowly entering back into my swelly brain…slowly, like sand in an hour glass…

But regardless of the sanity's snail like pace…it is coming.

The boys are going back to school today…AND I found a couple of my marbles.

I’m back baby!

I’m reading blogs today! It feels good to come out of the fog!


  1. I hate those bad batches of insulin. They really tick me off. Feeling a bit defeated here too, but in the opposite direction with numbers. What were okay for a few months and now we are all the sudden having lots of lows. Grrr.

    So glad to have you back!! :)

  2. Welcome the calm after the storm.


    Glad you're back on track, my friend!

  3. Bad batches of insulin are the worst! We had a rough set of days over Thanksgiving here too. It's good to be slowly returning to sanity, isn't it? Glad you're all back to routine now!

  4. :: blood sugar nirvana :: Love it!!!! (the post and the label)

    I don't know what 'bad' insulin is yet ..... when I run across it, though. I will come runnign and knocking down your door for advice!!!!

  5. A great big WOOO for good insulin and a great big HOOO for finding some marbles and a great big hug for coming back to us!! :)

  6. Hey Meri! I'm so glad that things have gotten better. That had to have been soooo stressful for you and the boys! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving! Kim

  7. did i write this or you? ;) glad it all calmed down and boooo to crappy insulin! Im about to bury a hole myself. Grrrr.

  8. I know that feeling of missing reading the blogs. Life gets busy and our brains need to do what they need to do. Just read your last few posts after a few days away. You oldest boy has the greatest smile.
    Hooray too for new insulin. I cannot imagine how your brain copes but you are strong and amazing and like us all what choice is there?!! It's a no brainer on all levels!
    Love to you and yours. xxx

  9. Grrrrr to bad insulin!

    Welcome back! After several "days off," I'm catching up, too. Now if I could find some time to write.

  10. That stinks. I've had the same issue and there's no way to discover it until the stupid/life keeping... stuff doesn't work.
    When it happened to me, I wondered what it would be like to be a kid w/ d, and trying to explain to mom that I did not eat more than I bolused for.
    Sorry you had a terrible couple of days. Tell the guys I sympathize.

  11. What a time to have crappy insulin - Thanksgiving! UGH! You know, we should invent insulin that changes colors when it goes bad. THen you'd know. And we'd make a fortune. And we could hire a night nurse. And get some sleep. And afford to have a big ol D Mama meet up.... ooooh! The possibilities!

  12. I'm so sorry for the wonky numbers! But - I think you may have just solved my HIGH problems! Damn bad insulin. OMG - I love Hallie's idea - it needs to change colors when it goes bad.

    I HEART you!

  13. Glad you're okay-ish. What a crud time to have a nast batch of insulin.
    Take care of you too somehow :)

  14. BOO for Bad Insulin!

    YAY for your swelly, hurty brain becoming less swelly and less hurty!!!

  15. I hate when that happens! Then, I sit with a new vial in my hand, thinking, " what changes do I need to undo now that I have new insulin?!?"

  16. Bad insulin is usually one of the last things that I think of when numbers get wonky... Glad you found the culprit !

  17. Meri, I love reading your blogs! No only do I learn a never fail to make me smile! : )


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