Friday, November 26, 2010

Feelin' the season.

Hope: One of the most powerful words in existence.

And here we are entering the foyer of the season of hope.

Step into the season and look around. Hope is everywhere; it is riding in on the frost laden breeze. It is encompassed in the dew droplets on the window sill. It sparkles on the holiday lights…it is burning in the hearts of so many.

It is a profound thing to have a deep belief in happiness…in joy. It is beautiful to hope and to believe in something positive.

Hope changes us this time of year. Maybe the holiday season starts in October for the bottom line of the economy…but we the people also cling to the season with such fervor…that millions of us have already began decorating for the holidays.

We yearn for that feeling. It is a light inside of us that says, “Good things are coming.” Family is put into the forefront of our thoughts. Reunions, tokens of love and presents wrapped with eager anticipation…it’s all part of the magic.

It is an amazing time that we can’t take for granted. We need to embrace the hope…and share the light inside us with all of those that are around us. If you have hope, there is always some to spare…share the feeling…it is the best part of the season.

I’m excited to jump into the holidays with all of you. I hope I keep the right perspective throughout this next month and take the time to count my blessings. I need to take things slow and absorb all of the joy that is out there for the taking. The boys are growing so much faster than I ever dreamed, if I don’t slow down…I’ll be missing out on some of their joy.

I have so much hope friends. Enough to share with you, if you find yourself lacking. If life has taught me anything, it’s that our situation can change in a heartbeat. We need to enjoy today…we need to cling to our hope. Despite our circumstance, despite all that diabetes and life has planned to throw at us this month…we can find joy.

I know we can.

I hope we can.


  1. I love that you have your tree up Meri! We are going to start our holiday decorating this week. I like how it evokes hope, comfort, warm feelings.

    I am with you! Let's spread the hope girl.

  2. Great post Meri. I think we all meed a reminder.

  3. Amen and bravo and tell it sister!
    Joy and hope - two of my favorite things - not only in the season but every day we get on this dear earth.
    Glad your tree is up and you are feeling the season!

  4. Yes! I love this post Meri. I think this is why I love Christmas so much. That feeling of magic, hope, good will and joy. I am happy to be sharing it with you!

  5. I love this!

    Love you!!!



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