Monday, November 8, 2010

All about J’s day.

I wrote a big long blog today, and realized it was perfect for D Blog day tomorrow. That blog is going to have to wait.

I am stumped.

So J is right in front of me right now.

I’m going to ask him to tell me about his day.


“The extra hour of sleep this morning was great, I was able to run faster and better in PE today. I didn’t feel tired at all! I felt awesome!”

“This is the second to last track day we have…so that makes me VERY happy.”

“Ummmm…Spanish, my substitute teacher was very very very mean. He yelled a lot. He yelled at me for sharpening my pencil. My pencil broke! I had to write! But we did watch a video. And videos are always cool.”

“I found a dollar on the ground, walking to lunch. I thought that was way cool.”

“Science, we did more stuff on genetics. And we talked about why marrying your cousin is NOT good. And we did this thing…we put this really special weird paper on our tongue, to see if we could taste it. People who could taste it said it was disgusting. I didn’t taste it though. It had no flavor. It tasted like nothing.”

“I feel stupid doing this.”

“Are you writing what I said?” (He's looking at the computer screen now...)

Giggle Giggle.

“Wow mom.”

“Wait! Giggle Giggle! NO WAY!! Write LAUGH!”

(I tell him I will not compromise my writing integrity. And then ask him to continue on with how is day went...)

“My blood sugars were good, I was 139 at lunch. I texted you.”

“When we picked up M I thought it was hilarious that he was carrying a paper bag instead of his backpack today!”

(Side note: M left his backpack in my mother in laws car on Friday…and he didn’t have it as he was heading out to zero hour this morning, so he grabbed a bag. I asked him if it was embarrassing…he said, 'Not as embarrassing as you’d think it would be.')

“Nothing else really happened today. Ummmm. Now you are typing up this blog. And that is the end.”

“Giggle Giggle? Really Mom?”


  1. Loved reading about his day. :-)

    Giggle, giggle. :)

  2. Meri, I might just try this one morning. However I am pretty scared with what I would get. One word answers from Kelsey and long drawn out stories from Marty that would blow your mind. (same but different!)

    I think it's awesome your kids embrace your blogging.

  3. So needed the smile today. I so love BOYS!!! (((Hugs)))

  4. I love to hear what the kids have to say!

  5. He is so smart! "Giggle giggle....No way..."! Love it! Kids come out with the best things don't they. They lift the spirits and heal the heart!

  6. I am reading this at 3 am.... Abd I desperately needed a giggle! So thanks! I love that he knows why marrying your cousin is a bad idea!! Too funny! I also love the "not as embarrassing as you'd think" comment! Love this!!

  7. This so reminded me of my Megan, she is very talkative, giggles and says "really" a lot. Great post Meri and J!

  8. This was funny Meri...and I love the "marrying your cousin is bad"...giggle...giggle...oh wait, J prefers that I write "laugh" right?


  9. He sounds like such a cutie. =)

  10. LOL... giggle.... LOL.... giggle :D


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