Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How is your KidStrong?

Last month I was sent a box of KidStrong Hydration Beverages to try out with the boys. I was really excited to try them as they were only about 10 carbs each and full of all sorts of good stuff.

Here is a quote from the information packet I received:

“KIDStrong is scientifically-formulated with all the vitamins and nutrients that kids require to live a healthy, active, and productive lifestyle. Unlike other “sports drinks” on the market, KIDStrong contains no artificial flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives. It also contains no stimulants and is low in sugar.”

Hello! How can I as a mother not want to try this stuff?

After a hot day at school the kids came home parched and ready to drink. I had them all sit to “taste test” the product and give me their reviews. I was sent three flavors, Clearly Fruit Punch, Clearly Orange and Clearly Grape.

Their reviews were mixed. J didn’t like any of them. Especially the fruit punch flavor. He said he wouldn’t want to drink these again.

L liked them. Each flavor got the, “It’s ok.” And when asked if he would want to drink it again, he said, “yeah sure.” Not enthusiastic or anything…but positive.

B on the other hand LOVED them. He loved all the flavors and has asked for them several times after the tasting. When he was ill with strep throat, they were what he preferred to drink. That was a relief. He didn’t want to eat or drink anything…EXCEPT the KIDStrongs. It gave me some peace of mind too…he was being hydrated and I knew it wasn’t full of all the gunk other hydration drinks have to offer.

So mixed reviews, but a big hit with B none the less. I recommend you give them a try and see if your kiddo would be on board with them. Look out for them, more and more stores are picking them up. If I were to recommend a flavor to you, it would be Grape. Surprisingly, my boys have never had grape flavored beverages, and all three that participated in my taste test ranked grape the highest. I think the flavor is the most muted of them all. Fruit punch is fairly strong…and in J’s words, “tastes a lot like cough syrup.” (And I have to say, I wasn't a fan of fruit punch either.)

To find out more about this product, please visit there website here. A lot of thought went into this drink. A healthy low sugar/low carb way to hydrate our kiddos. Kudos to them for their efforts!

I’m curious to know what others think of this. So I am going to do a mini giveaway. Leave a post TODAY telling me why your kid is so strong, and I will have my boys read the entries at the END OF TODAY. (That only gives you until 8:00pm Pacific Standard Time tonight to leave a comment.) I’ll let the boys pick their favorite comment and that person will be sent a sample pack of KIDStrong Hydration Beverages! I'll post the winner tomorrow, so stay tuned!

So tell me friends…why are your KIDStrong? I know, pretty obvious question, but humor me anyway. :) (And remember who your audience is. Three boys, ages 12, 8 and 6. :)

Good luck! And thank you KIDStrong for letting us sample your product!


  1. Letting Bryce answer why he is strong (he's 5)...

    "I keep doing things that hurt and that makes me stronger. I have big muscles. I can pick up Grace (classmate), Mercy (her sister), Drew (his lil brother) and the pumpkins....and Drew's gator. That's all. and I'm a Dare-Devil! Hehe"


  2. Meri, I had not heard of this drink before. Thanks for sharing. We'd love to give it a try!

  3. Grace is strong because she was the first girl to finish the mile run in PE class. AND because she didn't go low as a result!!!

  4. All of my girls are strong because they aren't afraid to tell the world that they love Jesus :)

    PS -- I'll bet Bryce's muscles are awesome :)

  5. One of these days you need to have your boys try Monavie. We as a family have been drinking for 2yrs. Get 13servings of fruit/vegs in 4oz a day. Low in sugar only 3grms (I'll check on the carbs) We all love it as it tastes great and no illness here in this Fam since starting to drink it. Love your posts and totally commend you on what you do. Need to get together soon. I'll bring Monavie so the boys can try it :-)

  6. This is Heidi and my kids are kidstrong brcause they have a great sense of humor and love to make each other laugh. The way they wake each other up in the morning is by saying "wakey wakey farts and fakey"

  7. Oh no - Heidi beat me to farts so I can't point out Sparkle's ability to fart on demand :p

    My daughter is strong because one juicebox can give her enough fuel to run a mile in country...and to do in less time than her non-D big brother ;)

  8. Madeline (age 8) said, "I'm strong because I have a good heart and I care about my family and friends."

    Jack (age 7) said, "I'm strong, because I like helping people, even when I don't feel well. I'm also strong because I don't let diabetes get in my way. And I can lift and carry my brother AND my sister."

    Max (age 5) said, "I'm strong because I'm a Power Ranger. I have big muscles, too."

  9. To ice skate like a bullet careening through the air after being shot out of a canon. To take hits from other players and to be the last 7 year old standing on your skates. To take a needle to the finger every 30 minutes during ice hockey practice. To be able to handle the humiliation of your mother cramming glucose tabs down your throat through a cage on your hockey helmet (yes, "the mother bird maneuver" and yes, it can be somewhat embarassing). To be able to score 3 goals tonight during a 1 hour practice. I am Joe. I am one tough KID.!!!

    P.S. Hi "L"!!!

  10. Great review, Meri! I loved reading the review and the comments. XOXO

  11. Ellie said she is strong because she eats food.

  12. Thank you for my comment! That is always so exciting to see that there is a comment! ;) We LOVE your blog. I have been forwarding your posts to my husband for a couple of weeks now. It was just amazing to find someone who can put into words just how we feel! Thank you so much!


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