Friday, October 8, 2010

Brain Rebellion.

Ummmm…I’ve got a bit of a problem.

I think my brain is turning on me.

I mean the swelly-ness of it is one thing…but now it is playing tricks on me…and this mama ain’t laughin’.

This past couple weeks I have found myself doing things I would NEVER do. N-E-V-E-R!

Specifically, I have been messing with my alarm, and waking up with no memory of said messing.


Long story short: It all begins with the fact that I have become a snoozer. A snooze-a-holic if you will. When my 1:30am alarm goes off…I snooze. It is a given.

It wasn’t always that way. In our old house the alarm clock was kept across the room, NOT on my side table. We did this purposely so we would HAVE to get up when the alarm went off. And since we were already up to turn off the alarm…we stayed up to check sugars.

But NOW I am taking it to the next level. In our new house the alarm is by our bed. So when it goes off, I snooze. Again and again I snooze. Apparently, I snooze so much that my brain goes nuts and (here comes the kicker) TURNS IT OFF! Lately, I have been waking up around 4:30 or 5:00 in a total panic.

Do I remember turning it off? NOPE.

Would I EVER EVER EVER turn it off if I was in my right mind? NOPE.

Brain rebellion…it isn’t pretty.

When I do wake up, and I see Lawton lying by my bed, I know there is a problem. If Lawton is there…the boys are low. He used to wake me, but who knows what my rebellious brain is doing these days. Do you think I’m rolling over? Do you think I’m ignoring him? What the heck!

It is happening a lot. So much so I’m going to have to move my alarm across the room again.

SIGH. Seriously…you should have heard the sigh I just let out.

I have officially turned into an alarm-turning-off fool! And don’t tell me it’s ok. I CANNOT miss a night of checks. My boys’ numbers are running on the lower end of normal…I LOVE it that way. I like keeping them in beautiful ranges while they sleep…that means half of the battle is won! They are cusping on perfect numbers, the kind of numbers that need to be watched closely. If they inch south even a tiny bit I need to intervene! Sure, keeping them this way is MY choice. I could dial basals back and let them run higher, but seriously, why mess with perfection??? I know…and you know…that these kinds of numbers do not last forever. I must hold onto them while I can. One growth spurt, one illness…one more jump onto the puberty steam train, and the fun ends.

So goodbye snooze button.

We have had some good times. I considered you a friend, really. But we can’t be BFF’s anymore. My boys are too important.

Adieu…sweet snooze button…Adieu.


  1. I so find myself doing that too. I set an alarm and just keep hitting snooze or better yet I sleep through the beeping. I usually either wake the baby up or my son both my non-d child. D is just sleeping away!! Last night my alarm was going off, crap must have hit snooze again, it was 4:30 I had set it for 2:20. Wow! 2 hours of hitting snooze! Sleep deprived people do crazy things. I like you, keep her at a low end, although she is growing right now so she is constantly beeping high, over 200. I can't remember the last time I slept more than 2 hours, without having to hit snooze :)
    Kelly Harp

  2. I am the queen of the snooze button...always have been. I think that is why my hubby does the middle of the night checks, cuz he can get up. Many times, I have slept through my alarm, hearing it calling to me but only incorporating it into my dream. Sleep, boy that sounds sooooo good!

  3. I have had nights of hitting the snooze button only to wake up in an absolute PANIC with NO memory of my alarm even going off!!! Those nights send me into a frenzy, before checking blood sugars I usually make a mad dash for each of my girls rooms to check that they are breathing and once I see their little tummies rising and falling with each breath it's then that I can breath too...then I check their blood sugars and try to calm my racing heart :(

    I wish that I could enjoy the snooze button like so many others can, but that snooze button can send a d-mama into a panic attack like no other!

  4. Oh, yeah, I have a love-hate relationship with the snooze button.

  5. Oh, the snooze button...may he rest in peace! Big hugs, Meri! You know, you should just teach Lawton to stick his cold nose in your ear when the boys are low. Or give you a nice, juicy lick!

  6. where did that drawing come from? perfection! we are like zombies anyway from lack of more than 2-3 hours of sleep at a time, so our brains just shut down sometimes I think.

    fare thee well, snoozer...

  7. (((HUGS))) to you Meri you rebellious brain containing vessel. I am so sad for must be even sadder to have to let go of the snooze button so prematurely. LIFE OF A NIGHT SHIFT pancreas can SUCK IT HARD!!!

    P.S. Joe loves his Mag pic of the boys and LaLa is on our bulletin board in the kitchen. It will stay there forever. You and your family are inspirational.

  8. Hi, my name is Lora and I am a S.N.O.O.Z.E.R!

    I have had a little luck setting my phone alarm and putting it across the room. Anthony still has to nudge me... but as long as someone hears it :)

  9. I have to use my KITCHEN TIMER!!!!! YES!!!!! I can't set my alarm -- I have to set it on the oven (we have a one level, so I can hear it with the door open).

    I hear ya on the overnight numbers. I keep Sugar in the low 100's because, you're right, it's half the battle. I'll need those nights to balance out the wonky storms that sit on the horizon.

  10. Agreed - overnight is 1/2 the battle and frankly for me it's the easier 1/2. No food spikes - woot woot!

    Move the snooze baby. I sleep with my phone by my head and have been known to over snooze too. I feel ya - I wake up in a panic.

    I love you even when you are a SNOOZER!! :)

  11. I used to be a snoozer but my hubby gets really grumpy if I keep waking him up too. ONE of us needs to sleep! To combat wanting to hit snooze I have a really obnoxious ringer set on my phone so that all when I hear it all I want to do is shut the dang thing off. I know too that the sooner I get out of bed and check Lovebug, the sooner I can get back to sleep.

    That also means that I have stubbed my toes, fallen down the stairs, walked into walls and numerous other things all because I am half awake when I lug myself upstairs!

    Good for you for letting them run a little lower at night! I wish that I could get to that perfection. Someday, I will let Lovebug run lower at night. I'm just too dang scared at this point; Even with Dexie watching over her.

  12. Well now I feel better, thanks for letting me know that others will actually TURN THE ALARM OFF without a damn clue that you did it. My alarm isn't that easy to turn off I actually have used BOTH hands required to turn it off and still didn't wake up!? My snooze button is half broke on my current clock, I think I've actually over used it, and broke it.

  13. You are amazing. Just amazing. I sit here in awe of you. xxxx
    P.S the word verification was "vuluc", which I imagine is kind of the sound you made when you woke at 5am having pressed snooze!

  14. I hate the panic of waking up and knowing you missed an alarm. I did that the other day and cracked my knee on the door jam trying to get out of the room and to a test kit.

    I think we should have a day where we post a picture or something about the late night or early morning wake ups. Of course all the pictures would be black...but it might be cool.

  15. We had to switch to using our phones on awful ring tones with no snooze option because we were sleeping through our alarm...not even snoozing, but actually sleeping. Now that's exhaustion for you!
    Here's to a good nights rest, no snoozing, quick checks that don't need any insulin or sugar, and a great tomorrow!


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