Friday, June 4, 2010

Reenactment: Too tired parents.

11:00pm the night before the last day of school.

The boy’s blood sugars are 108, 112 and 183. (A total miracle they are all pretty good.) The parents are on their way to bed when…

Mom: “You checked B’s insulin on board, right?”

Dad: “No, I thought you did.  You checked L’s IOB, right?”

Mom: “No, I thought you did.”

(Parents do an about face and check IOB only to find that both boys need a small snack to make it through the night.)

Dad: Sets one alarm for the 1am check, and the other for 3:30am for his sales meeting… and then collapses into bed.

Mom: “Man alive, I am EXHAUSTED! You have no idea!” Her back to him, small smirk on her face. She knows her hubby worked like 12 hours today, and then attended the 6th grade promotion like she had. He wasn't probably more exhausted, he was definitely more exhausted. But that is how she rolls.

Dad: “Yup, you are right…I have no idea…your exhaustion is always better than mine.”

Mom: “I wouldn’t say better…maybe just 100 times more intense.”

Dad: “I bow to your exhaustion.”

Mom: “I can’t tell you how happy I am that tomorrow is the last day of the school year.”

Dad: “I don’t get why you are you so happy about it?”

Mom: “Duh, sleep baby! I’m officially dubbing this summer: The Summer of Sleep.”

Dad: “So I can’t call you in the morning during the week?”

Mom: “Nope, no calls until after 11:00. I’m going to get up and feed the kids, bolus them, and go back to sleep.” (She’s grinning ear to ear now…she knows this is a complete fantasy…but one she will dream of tonight none the less.)

Dad: “Hmmmm…The Summer of Sleep. I feel a blog coming on! It’s kinda’ like I just walked into a giant stadium and the crowd is waiting for the big game, and you can cut the tension with a knife…a blog is coming for sure.”

Mom: “I'm super impressed you can predict the future in your exhausted state. You're slurring your need sleep.  But I’m still more exhausted than you…”

Dad: “I’m not worthy of your exhaustion.”

Mom: “It is my higher calling. Too bad you don’t read my blog…you would understand that my mental exhaustion even outweighs my physical exhaustion.”

Dad: “I read your blog. I just do it discreetly. It’s pretty good.”

Mom: “You wish you could blog pretty good like me.”

Dad: “Yeah, me to blogging is like Brittney spears to acting.”

Mom: “Brilliant!”

Dad: “Me to blogging is like William Hung to singing.”

Mom: “I need to get paper…I can’t make this stuff up…you are totally off your rocker…”

Dad: Singing. “I am the rocket maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.”

Mom: “You have lost it.”

Dad: “No, I think that is what William Hung sung on American Idol.”

Mom: “This conversation has gone on way too long. I’m already so confused about how we got to William Hung.”

Dad: “I don’t need sleep…I’m getting up for the 1am check…that is how much I don’t need sleep.”

(Two hours later, the alarm goes off and the exhausted husband gently, but firmly, nudges his dear wife off the bed with his foot. But she is totally ok with it…tomorrow is the last day of school…and the Summer of Sleep will soon begin!)


  1. Yeah to the summer of sleep . do you really think that the boys are going to let you sleep ? I dont think so they will be jumping to go to the shore after all you do live in california do you not ? I forsee trips to the beach , the lake and the parks lol !!! have a great time living in the wonderland of alice who sleeps in and is called the summer of sleep LOL !!! Nice theory anyways right ? Have a great day meri .

  2. Too funny Meri! I do hope that this summer brings you lots of sleep and good numbers all around!

  3. Love it, Meri! Of course it is blog worthy! And I will dream of the summer of sleep too!

  4. I can totally picture this conversation going on between the two of you... you guys are just too cute!

  5. I feel your pain! Or at least 1/3 of it. I usually do the night checks, but I have put a foot in the wife's back once or twice.

  6. =) I don't even know you personally but I love you Meri! You roll like me. =) Love this entry =)

  7. You ALWAYS!!!!
    Love it!

  8. I'm coming over to your house for the summer. I think I might need some sleep!

  9. I wish you sleep! BUT, you know as well as I know that we still end up awake SOMEHOW!!!

  10. A Summer of Sleep -- OMG -- how GREAT would THAT be?! If only... :-)

    Happy summer!!!

  11. HYSTERICAL Meri!!! Love it...and of course his exhaustion cannot even hold a candle to yours!!! None of our guys' can keep up with the amount of exhaustion we endure - DUH!

  12. Love it!

    You are too cute! : )

  13. TOTALLY had me laughing!!! Loved this!

  14. Bring on the SUMMER OF SLEEP! You so deserve it. I loved this post. It so clearly showed how you survive it all: humour, humour and humour.

  15. I just caught myself up on the last few of your blog posts. You and your family never cease to amaze me! Im lucky to know you..

  16. Oh, gosh. I love your sense of humor, Meri! Too funny! and your husband sound like a couple we'd love to hang out with. Too bad you don't live closer!


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