Sunday, May 9, 2010

Diabetes Blog Week

Karen over at Bitter-Sweet had an idea. Unite the D blogging community for one week. Have each of us blog every day for seven days on the same topics. Any blog can participate, and everyone is encouraged to give it a shot.

This week I will be joining the ranks, and blogging EVERY DAY about the topics put in front of me.

Please pop over to Karen's blog to learn more, and to jump on board if you would like.

She also has a master list of all the blogs that will be participation HERE.

Monday will be the first day of posting...Subject? A day in the life.

A day in Our Diabetic Life? It's not going to be a short post...I'll tell ya that much.

See you tomorrow bright and early!

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  1. See what happens when I get behind on blogs?!?!?



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