Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Calling All Prayers.

Some of you who know me, know that there have been a few times that J has gone away over night this year, and I kinda freaked out about it. Some of those times in particular, I did a really GREAT job of pretending I was fine…but inside my gut was jello waiting for my guy to get home safe. I’ve done a lot of internal freaking out this year..A LOT.

Those times have NOTHING on today.

Because I’m WAY PAST freaking out people. I am miles past freaking out…freaking out is a kiddie ride at the fair right now…a total cake walk…

Where I am right now is not pretty.

I left J in a downpour of rain, standing in 3 inches of mud...at six grade camp. 45 minutes away.

Six grade camp, that is 45 minutes away that lasts FOUR DAYS.

I think I’ve covered all my bases.

I have his monitor clipped to his belt loop.

I have snacks everywhere…of which I hope no bears come into his cabin to eat…his cabin that has no windows…

I have fast acting sugar in his pocket.

I have an alarm clock for the councilor that is sleeping in his “cabin.” So he can do a 2:00am check.

I promised his friends some kind of reward if they reminded him to check, at which time 2 of his friends set their alarms for 2:00am.

I have extra everything packed, including batteries in case his pump battery goes low.

I have bribed J to check his sugar 5x a day…for if he does, he gets 50 bucks.

I have everything covered…except my peace of mind.

I left him there, and I lost it. I cried all the way home…I sit here a raccoon.

(Hello! Can you say, "Drama Queen.")

That is where you come in…

I need a favor. A real honest to gosh favor.

If you are the praying type…and I know most of us spend A LOT of time on our knees…so if you are the kind of person who prays…

Please, could you say a prayer for J?

Pray that he remembers to check…that he will feel his lows…that he will be safe. And maybe throw in a little peace of mind for me?

I’m asking because know that prayer works. Our prayers are heard! So please…can you take just a minute to say a little prayer for me?

And if you aren’t the praying type…good thoughts would help too. I’ll gratefully accept whatever you send our way.

Thanks guys. I know I'm being a complete dopus about all this…I just know that right now I can’t do this on my own. I need a little extra help from my guardian angels on this one.

Lucky for me…I have a bunch of angels that read my blog.


  1. If J is as I remember him, the 50 dollars would be incentive enough. But I guess even the best cash loving kids can forget while in the throws of camp drama. Hopefully J, his friends, teachers, and the dumb highschool kids they have helping, will all make it so J doesnt forget. Also, I have gone on hikes with him and you know he is very good about feeling Low and making sure he eats.

  2. Sweetie-
    I know your scared and worried- this is a big deal and J knows it!
    I'm proud of you both and I'm sending a ton of prayers and positive vibes out to you both!
    Kelly K

  3. I'm sending prayers for J as well as his sweet Mama so you make it through the next 4 days in one piece. I wish you strength, to not drive up there and snatch him out of his "cabin" and faith that he will test his sugars and that his friends will ride his behind until he does and I wish J the joy of this little taste of freedom and the knowledge that he can do this because his Mama has taught him so very well.
    Hugs to you my friend - if I was still in CA I'd bring the wine and try to take your mind off of it for a while. Maybe one day!

  4. I will pray. For J and for you. I'm making a note to remind myself to remember you both the next four days.

    I'm so proud of you, new friend. You have prepared your son so well. I love all the ideas you came up with! (Rewarding friends who check? Brilliant!!)

    God will honor you for honoring Him. And remember, God loves J even more that you do. He will hold him in the palm of his hand.

    Keep us posted if you hear anything so we know how to pray. : )

  5. J will be fine- I am praying for YOU. You covered all the bases and even came up with a few extra! You seriously thought of everything and he will be F.I.N.E. He will come home and wonder what the big deal is. Hang in there my friend.

  6. Your wish is my command :)
    Lots of prayers and a few good thought too... just for good measure.

    J is on lucky guy (and not just because of the 50 bucks he's going to get). He is SOOO super duper lucky to have you.

    (((prayers and wishes and hugs)))

  7. Meri - I added the following intention to our prayer chain at church... tomorrow it will go out via email to a whole bunch of pray-ers! =)
    Love you Girlie!

    For "J" - a 12yr old type 1 diabetic who is going away to camp for 4 days. May he be safe while away from home and may his blood sugars stay stable so that he can get the most out of his camp experience. Also, for his mom, Meri - that she may have some peace of mind while he is away and feel secure that his friends, councelors and guardian angels are watching over him always.

  8. Oh, Meri, I totally understand where your head and heart are right now. I'd be the same. I believe in the power of prayer, and I will keep you and J in my prayers!! Hugs and love to you, too!!

  9. PRAYING! Can't wait to hear how the trip goes!

  10. Oh wow!! I can't even imagine how nerve-racking that will be for you. I'm sure everything will go great!

  11. Praying for peace and comfort at home, lots of memorable laughs at camp...and complete diabetes cooperation at every level from every angle!

    (((hugs)) You are incredible, my friend.

  12. I'm proud of you, Meri! I'm proud that you let him go! I know you're freaking out - I would be too! We will pray. (((hugs))) to you! Hang in there lady!

  13. I would have been crying my eyes out too! I am sure I will the first time I am separated from Addison overnight..and then for 4 whole days..foggettabout!!
    You are amazing Meri and I will absolutely keep you and J in my prayers and thoughts.

  14. The smartest thing you did- other than all of the preparations and supplies and plans you put in place- was bribing his friends. Because when you're 12, if you can count on nothing else, you can count on peer pressure!
    Can't wait to hear how it goes!

  15. Sending the Big P your way, babe. All's gonna be well, and he's gonna have a blast! - Mo

  16. Sending prayers up and good vibes out for J, you and the fam. You guys are on top of this and I'm sure he will be fine. Kudos to you for not keeping him out of camp.

  17. Of course, I will pray. Everyday.

  18. Precious Father,
    I lift up my new friend Meri and her son J to you. You are our Prince of Peace and Meri needs that Peace that passes understanding right now Lord. Guard her heart and mind with Your perfect peace Lord. You are also our protector Lord and I ask that you would surround J with your holy angels to watch over and protect him from any harm during the next 4 days. Place an angel on his shoulder to remind him to check his BG level at least 5 times a day (including 2 AM) and bolus for all meals and snacks. Help him to be so in tune to his body that he catches any lows or highs early. Father I also pray that you would guide the entire trip and J would have the time of his life. Thank-you Lord for his friends and teachers. I praise you Lord for the counselor that he has at camp and ask You to fill his mind with wisdom on what J’s needs may be during these 4 days especially the unspoken needs. I also give you praise for the amazing parents that you have given J. Be with them this week and remind them that your love for J surpasses theirs and you have his back.
    In Jesus precious name, AMEN

    Meri, I will continue to pray. ((hugs)) You are an amazing mom and inspire me so much!

  19. I will send a prayer for both of you. Along with good wishes, thoughts and vibes I can muster.

  20. Your wish is my command - prayers are a started! For his safe trip, full of good times and memories and for blood sugars that rock. You did a great job preparing him Meri. He will be well. That will also be in my prayers.

  21. we wil pray for him ,dont worry ,but remember you tohgt him right and he will be ok you are an example of a mom and a hero for your family we love you alicia

  22. You are AMAAAAZING! The first time I dropped my little sunbeam age kids off at a primary activity I cry all the way home....I can't imagine how I will be when I have a child old enough for that kind of venture! I am DEFINITELY the praying type and have already sent a few up to heaven in your behalf! Good luck to both of you!

  23. I will be sending some serious prayers out for J and for you!


  24. Meri, it sounds to me like you remembered to cover all the bases for J and just need to sit tight, crossing all available digits. I will think of you both lots over the next four days. This time had to come, as it will for all of us, and how can it ever be a relief? There is no relief from D. It's a bastard (sorry! Imagine English accent and it sounds less rude!!).
    Your alternative is to disguise yourself as a bear and stalk him for four days. Hang in there, take deep breaths and know that we are all with you.

  25. Just said a prayer and will continue praying until he gets home. :)

  26. You know that I will pray for you girl! I have been there. And I will be there again in July - and I am sure I will need you to reciprocate!

    Fingers crossed

  27. Have you heard anything from him? Still praying!

  28. Hope all is well - waiting to hear!

  29. Something about this line--I promised his friends some kind of reward if they reminded him to check, at which time 2 of his friends set their alarms for 2:00am.

    made me instantly cry!

    Does that make me weird?



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