Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Rookie Mistake.

Last night I stayed up until 10:30. My husband usually tests the boys at 10 before we go to bed, but he had to go to work in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, so he left the task to me.

Big deal, right? Mom is in charge...she’s a pro…what ever could go wrong?

So like I said before…it was 10:30 before I realized I was a half hour late checking sugars. (In my defense, it was a really good episode of Castle and I was enjoying the quietness of the house.)

So I walked into the boys’ room and saw Lawton, Out. Like. A. Light. Never a good sign. If there was a problem, he was not going to alert me to it. Usually he is a very light sleeper and greets me when I check the boys. But once in awhile he is down for the count. In this case he had a long day outside enjoying the sun and was now drooling on his bed, dreaming of tug o wars and breakfast I am sure.

I checked B-106, a little too low for him.

I checked J-152, a little too high for him.

I checked L- 25.


I try apple juice…too cold…a couple sips, he no likey. He ate half a glucose tab and the other half he just moved to the side of his cheek…he had NO interest in eating it. I tried to talk him into it, I told him it was a new candy and that I stole it from B, but he just pushed it out with his tongue.

OK, so on to plan B. (Not to be confused with my son, B.)

I ripped open the cupboards…and found YOGO’s…his favorite low snack. I fed him an entire pack and he started to come to. I carried him to the couch, (which was NOT EASY, the kid is made of cement,) and with lots of kisses and talking, I got him to finish the juice. As we walked back to bed he was shaking/shivering.

Momma, can I please have more Yogo’s?”

That voice. That little sweet voice. “Dang straight you can have more Yogo’s!”

That was 45 carbs I put into that boy in 15 minutes. Subsequent tests within the next 10 minutes read 56, 69, 88.

After the 88 I was feeling a little better and went to the monitor. It was all such a blur I wanted to see what his initial blood sugar was exactly.




Turns out, I was holding the meter upside down when I checked him originally.
52…still sucky…but not 25. Not anywhere near the panicky attack of 25.

Stupid One Touch Mini. Your green-ness is uber cool…but your design is not conducive for blurry eyed mothers who check their children’s blood sugars at night by the sliver of light that washes in from the kitchen.

Alright, so it was a tad my fault…a bit of a Rookie mistake for sure.

2am check revealed a 250 blood sugar. I guess it could have been worse. But there was no way, after that freak-out-worry-attack I had, that I was going to correct for any of those 45 carbs I coerced into his body. I may have gone to bed shaky and with a few extra grey hairs, but L was safe and sound, fast asleep. And keeping it that way was the most important thing.

So in conclusion, I would like to submit:

Defense Exhibit A

Defense Exhibit B

Now come on…does it, or does it not say 25???

If this went to a jury, I think I would win. Hands. Down.


  1. I did the same thing with a mini and a bg of 92 - thought it was 29 for a second. It is so easy to do. Caleb was awake at the time, so I could see he was doing ok. A sleeping child is a whole different story.

  2. Make that "thought it was a 26". :)

  3. OMG'sh! THAT would freak me out!
    NOT guilty!!! :)

  4. We the jury find the defendant NOT GUILTY!!! =)

    Even if you WERE to be found guilty, I am pretty sure you would still walk away for time (and grey hairs) served!!

  5. I was in panic mode with you...until you revealed the 52! Priceless! Now I am chucking! It could have happened to any of us.

  6. Maybe you need a "this end up" sticker for it! :P~~

    scary....but great rebound!

  7. Not a jury or judge in the land would see it any other way than a 25 Miss Meri! Oh boy - I'll bet you freaked out!
    Good call on the YoGos though. Better than icing in the side of a cheek and rubbed down the throat!

  8. oh....and now I just noticed I didn't change the clock on the meter during the time change. How in the good hell am I supposed to remember all of this stuff!!

  9. Meri, you always write the best stuff. I don't think I could imagine a 25 in the middle of the night... my stomach turns just thinking about it.

    If nothing else... this was a great story to tell :)

  10. This happened to my Mom when she was visiting one time. I was getting dinner ready and asked her to check Elise's BG. She did and reported that Elise was at 96. When I looked at the meter to write the number down, I realized my Mom had read it upside down.

    I'm just glad you didn't read it as 52 when it was really 25!

  11. I can TOTALLY see how that is a 25! Totally!

  12. Holy hell! I would have FREAKED!!! Wow!!! You did good mom! Better safe than sorry! :D

  13. oooo my. That's scary! It really does look like a 25!!!

    and I really have to try yogos for a low snack sometime....yum!

  14. Been there! Done THAT! Ohhhhh how the heart skips a beat! I wouldnt have corrected the high either!

  15. wanna hear another good one...last night my husband checked Isaac at 8pm for bedtime, turned to show me the meter saying, "I'm okay with that for bedtime, you too?" I looked at the meter and it said 371...ummm, no not okay...so I look at my husband and give him the dumbest look and he returns the favor, then says, "what it's pretty good, right?"
    me, "no...371 is too high. Hello?!"
    Then he looks at the meter laughs and says, "oops, looks like I pulled the test strip out and pushed it back in. 371 is the code, his BG is 98."
    talk about communication with meter error!!!

  16. Oh, yeah, it says 25 all right!

    I love how you told him that the glucose tab was a new candy that you stole from B. Too funny!

  17. You crack me up! I love you, funny momma! I did the same thing with that meter - - -very confusing in the wee hours. I am glad all ended well. XOXOXO

  18. I just had a heart attack for you and then could not stop laughing when I read the end of the story! So glad little L is OK.

  19. Note to self.... NEVER use that meter in the middle of the night!

    Good Hell, Woman! I would have peed myself! It TOTALLY looks like a 25!

    Glad he's ok and it worked out. Geesh. Like we need more drama.

  20. That would have scared the hell out of me to!!! I would have thought that was a 25 too!

  21. Not funny, but it did make me laugh! You have a great knack for blogging, thanks for sharing all your adventures. I'm a fellow mom with 2 T 1's and I think you're awesome! Thanks for the smiles after a long day!

  22. The Defense rests, Your Honor.

    That is, indeed, a 25!!!!

  23. This juror finds you NOT GUILTY!!!

    OMG...this was freakin' hilarious and your incident reminds me of my pudding incident last night...all thanks to you my friend.

    Thanks for a good laugh...and glad it all worked out OK in the end.


  24. Just found your blog and love it! Gotta keep the humor flowin'.

    Yes, that is absolutely a "25" ... or maybe a "52". Who the heck designed that design flaw?1?

    And, thanks for the Pump Parade! I read Laura's ... our T-Bear's OmniPod arrived on Tuesday, and we're doing a saline start on Tuesday. Yay for pumps! - Mo

  25. Dude, yes, I have totally done that before. You should send this post to the One Touch peeps to point out their design flaw! ;)

  26. :) When I started reading the post and I read 25 I freaked out a little bit for you......... If I saw that number on Tristan's meter.... well lets just say that a lot of carbs would have gone into him....

    When I continued to read the post... I chuckled a little! :)

    NOT GUILTY! :)


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