Monday, April 12, 2010

Mommy Growing Pains

Today was the first day back to school from spring break. It was a dismal scene last night as I confirmed that yes, school night bedtime will remain 8:30pm.

Today was a wonderful day. No extreme lows after basal changes made during the break, and my boys remembered to call me, which is no small miracle in itself…

Which leads me to why I’m blogging…

I was so happy to see the boys after school! I had a super day, and I was eager to hear how their first day back went. One by one I gave the boys the once over with questions and observations about dirty hands and homework habits.

When I got to B, I got a little more than I bargained for.

A little background first. My boys do not go to the school we are supposed to go to. They go to another school across town for two very good reasons. 1) It is a better school. 2) My mother is the yard duty for lunch recess.

Scratch that…my mother USED to be the yard duty at lunch recess. She jumped ship and started working at another school a few weeks ago. Which, really…it is her life...she can work where she wants. EXCEPT! She used to grab B after recess and give him her cell to call me with his lunchtime bg numbers and carb intake. Since she no longer works there, it is up to B to remember to call me on his own.

Which isn’t working out too well. I would say he is 50/50. When he forgets, I have to call the office and have them patch me through to his classroom, which is no biggie, but it does interrupt the class…and it is slightly embarrassing for my Big Boy B.

I even went into the office and asked if they thought the new yard duties would be willing to remind him, and they thought that they would LOVE TO. Except in the week since, they haven’t reminded him once. So I’m back to calling when he forgets.

Alrighty then!! Back to our previously scheduled story!

So I got to B…I said, “B, you were a rock star for remembering to call me today! How in the world did you remember???”

Which received the reply, “Trust me Mom, you DON’T want to know!”

“Oh, but I think I do!”

“Nope, it is a LONG story…trust me, you REALLY don’t want to know.”

(Yes, he is his mother’s son…)

I’ve got the time, and I would love to hear your LONG story.”

“OK, well, my teacher put a post-it note on my desk that said, ‘Don’t forget to call your mom!’ It was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to me in my life!”

(Again, he has flair, he is from my loins…)

“How was that embarrassing?“

“HELLO!!! A bunch of people laughed at me…because I had to call MY MOMMY!”

So, as a mother I want to fix this, right? I work through it with him, problem solving…

“Maybe it can say, CYM…for, Call your mom…it’ll be code, and only you will know.”

“Won’t work mom…everyone will want to know what it means.”

“Tell them it means put Candy in Your Mouth!”

(He rolled his eyes at this point…do you blame him?)

“Maybe it can just say, don’t forget to call, and leave me out of it.” But before I finished my sentence he already had the answer.

“I’ll just tell her to write ‘Call your Dad’ Instead of Mom. Easy! I’ll tell her tomorrow.”

And he happily skipped away.

Apparently, it is ok to call your Dad, and not your Mom.

Apparently my 8 year old is going on 13.

It always happens, it has already happened to me twice before…it is no longer cool to hug when I pick up from school…it is no longer cool to acknowledge your Mom’s existence in the school breezeways…

But when it does happen, I’m never prepared.

He was right…I didn’t want to know.


  1. oh that makes me sad!!! I never want my baby boy to be embarrassed of me!!! :(

  2. That made me sad too. I dread the day. Love you, Meri!! I would totally hug you in the hallway!!

  3. Yes, this is totally sad for you! But I am sitting here laughing at his response! I love that. :)

    I am not ready for my kids to grow up and not want to call me though, not looking forward to it AT ALL. :(

  4. Oh man! I am not ready for these things either.

    The other morning, as I was dropping Jada off at school, she said you can kiss me here but we were at the end of the driveway to drop off, not anywhere near where we had to stop and there were NO other cars around. Of course, I took this hard and picked on her about it. She laughed

    Can't they just stay babies forever!

  5. I'm with Laura - I would hug you and consider it an honor! Bless his cute little heart.

  6. Awe! I would hug you in the hallway too :)

    My kids still hug me because they don't want me to cry. But Leighanna does not like me to dance in the car because "I am so emberrassing". WHO ME?

  7. Meri, your boys crack me up... and so do you! Thankfully I'm still in the stage where my little girl comes up to me several times a day and says, "I just love you so much, Momma!"

  8. I dread the day when my girls don't want hugs and kisses in public :( I already feel like they are growing up too fast...and mine are only 2 and 4 years old!!

    Miss E will be starting kindergarten in the fall and I have butterflies in my stomach already just thinking about sending her off to school. Like Jennifer said, can't they just stay babies forever?!

    I wanted to add you to my blog list Meri, is that alright? Not sure what the etiquette is on that stuff so I thought I should ask :)

  9. Oh my. Nope. Not ready for this at all. Luckliy, Ave comes running to me at school and wants picked up. She thinks it's kinda cool/kinda weird that the kids all know her. She's kinda like a mini- rock star! And for now, that's cool. But it won't be long. I'm trying to savor these days... I look at her and think HOW did you get so big?!? Being a Mommy is tough. (((hugs))) to you, sweet friend! I'd LOVE to give you big hug in the hallway!!!

  10. I am soooooo not ready for that! Yet, I know that with Jack turning 7 this summer, my time is coming fast!

    At least you still have L to publicly love you! Enjoy the "mommy love" he gives you!!!! :)

  11. :( Oh so sad.
    I'm there with my boys....David won't even wave to me when he's playing football at recess. He just acts like he doesn't notice me...until I stand there and wave my arms back and forth and yell for him to come and give me a hug!! ;) haha!

    They just grow up too fast!

  12. NOT.READY.AT.ALL. for that. My mouth about hit the floor on the "dad" part. So it is OK to call dad, but NOT mom...since when?

    Love you Meri and your family is sooo lucky to have you at the helm.

    Have a great week.

  13. welcome to the wonderful world of having boys and they get too big to be cuddled and picked up and momied so to speak been there and done that . Yep they are growing up and one day you will have to let them go completely and then you will really break down . LOL !! but they come back once in a while and say hello and bring dirty laundry with them LOL !!!

  14. Oh Meri I would have one of my gals hug you if they were there. I wonder if it's a 'boy' thing cause I can't wrap my mind around my gal G not wanting to call me. I know, my day is coming, sooner than later. They all manage to grow up, don't they? We can never imagine that they will, but they all do.

    One step forward for your sons. You have done a fabulous job raising them. At least he wants to call your hubby, it could be worse and he could not want to call at all... Hang in there Meri!

  15. Hopefully B will remember to call you and NOT dad! Maybe you should prepare your hubby!

    My 8th grader doesn't even want me anywhere near her school to help with promotion this year. But Jes will hug and slobber on me in the nurses office at school, but not in the drop off line in the morning...she looks around first, then kisses. little snot.

    ahhh...but who do they turn to first? You can still have that.:)

  16., no, no....I'm just not ready for this!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BIG HUGS TO YOU!!!! Mom is always close to their hearts even if they won't wear their heart on a sleeve...

  17. This story totally made me smile. Kids are funny.


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