Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Diabetic Ingenuity

My 8 year old B grabbed my hand last night and declared he had fixed a long standing problem in our home.

The pitcher that we use for our Sugar Free Cool-aid/Crystal Light has a rip in the spout. When we pour the drink...often red, or dribbles down the side of the pitcher and splats onto the counter top. My boys know this annoys me to no end. They are required to use 409 every time they pour a drink to clean away the stain that is left.

Should I get a new pitcher...of course!

But it always seems to evade my shopping list and has just stuck around for the last few months as a thorn in my side.

But back to earlier...B had declared the problem fixed...

He took two new test strips and peeled them apart, which any diabetic kid worth their salt knows this turns the strip into a sticker. He then bandaged up the tear in the pitcher and Ta Dah!!!!!!!!

He was so proud of his smartness!!! But alas...they had to come off. If one of them un-stuck and fell into a drink, and then someone swallowed it, well...not good.

But Bravo anyway! His genius shines! I wonder if Einstein had such ingenuity when he was 8 years old?


  1. Love it!!! Good thinking, B! That's great! :)

  2. How awesome! I love his genius idea and a great use of test strips!

    So now you need to do a "walk around Target forever" trip so you can hopefully remember the new pitcher while you are picking up other random things. :)

  3. HAHA!! Now thats some SMART thinking!!! Good work B!! =)
    I am with Tracy - this is your chance!!! Go have a Target moment!

  4. Now that's a boy who is going to make a very lucky wife quite happy someday!

  5. Genius! And why did I think - that strip cost $1! when I saw that on the pitcher. Is it having a diabetic mind now???
    Great ingenuity!

  6. Too cute!

    Oh, btw, as stickers - they peel paint!

  7. Wowzers! I'm impressed! And I did NOT know that they did that! I have never played with a strip - but oh boy will I now! A fun new game.... What a smartie! So proud!

  8. What a smart little man you have!

  9. Very cool! It's only recently come to my attention that they are sticky, because Jada just discovered it!

  10. This is great! B is so clever,

    Director of Blogger Networks

  11. I LOVE your posts. Your last one about "accidentally" grabbing someone elses brain cracked me up! :)


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