Friday, January 8, 2010

This just in...

So first off I want to give a little update/report card on J yesterday. He texted me at snack (180) and before lunch (182.) He called me after lunch and I bolused him like I usually do, and then got a phone call from him 2 hours later that he was 52 with a b-load of insulin on board.

Let me break down my thoughts.

1) Looks like I need to adjust early morning basels, or his carb ratio for breakfast. But I want a few more days of numbers before I make any changes.

2) This was my first glimps in awhile of what his sugar is doing at snack time. I bolus much more agressivly on the weekends, because a) We have Lawton, and b) because he doesn't have PE and recess at home on the weekends.

3) I congratulated J on the snack test...and then followed up with, "Did you bolus for your snack?" Head hung low..."no." But then I went on to learn that he had a big fat cupcake for snack. WAIT! Your bg was 180 at 10:15am, you didn't didn't give insulin for a giant cupcake...and your bg was 182 two hours later? Has this kid really been doing himself a favor not bolusing for his snacks the past couple months??? (Of course I would never tell him that.) Obviously, if we are going to do things right and bolus like we are supposed to, things need to change. But food for thought...What if we left things the same and gave him a 30 carb snack everyday, and he wouldn't have to bolus. Dangerous I know, if he decides not to eat his snack. But J ALWAYS eats half his lunch at snack. It is wrong on so many levels...but I'm chewing on it in the back of my head.

4) Why the low after lunch? Things are more complicated here. Because he used to call me with his BG 30 minutes AFTER he ate lunch, I would always just have him correct and add a few more carbs depending on what he ate. (Not scientific in the least...but it was my failsafe system...he always came home in the low 100's.) But now I have different info and I have to start from scratch. It is pretty obvious his basels are too strong. But alot of work to do before we are where we are supposed to be.

So I give J and A for effort.

After writing up about the talk yesterday, and getting an uber generous offer from Kelly to use their CGM for awhile...I decided to call our nurse and get the low down on our insurance and coverage for CGM's. Hey...things change all the time. What did I have to lose?

She called me back at 4:30pm.

Yes, they can get a CGM for J.

No, it won't cost us anything.

Yes, it takes some creative paperwork...but they are on it.


We have an appointment next month with our endo. We will discuss it there, probably put the doctors sesor on J to let him try it out. And then once we order it, it should be here in a couple weeks.


I sat J down and asked him what he thought of getting a CGM. He had no idea what it was so I gave a brief explanation.

He gave me a crooked smile and said, "So it's a robot Lawton?"

"I guess you could say that..."

"I'll take it, but I still want Lawton with me at school sometimes."

It was a deal.


  1. Hi Merri, is Lawton trained as a "Type 1 dog" or whatever you call dogs that are trained to sense lows?

  2. oh meri it is always something is it not . I hate it I really hate it and not really loving it today at all.

  3. Great news about the CGM! I am excited for you. I was going to ask who Lawton was but I see he is a dog. I am curious about Mike's question though.

  4. HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!!!!

    Congrats on the CGM :) :) :)

    I can't wait to hear more about those adventures.

    Hmmmm....YOWSER -- the LOWS that might have been?????????

    BTW, thank you for the uplifting comment about Addy's first snuck snack. You guys are so great about lifting me up when I'm feeling down.

  5. Congrats on the CGM. We got one for Kaitlyn in the mail this last week so we still have to learn how to use it. She thought the sensor insertion device looked a little scary. Is Lawton able to tell when your boys are low? That is awesome. We volunteer with an organization that trains mobility/medical dogs and they said they could train one for Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn is all over that but I'm not so sure at this time. Good luck, I'm anxious to hear how it goes with the CGM, we could compare stories. yeah!

  6. Great news about the CGM... no cost? yahoo!

  7. Alright on the CGM!!!! Good for you :) Let us know how it goes! I would love to get one for Tristan but he still fights us on site change..... I don't think that a CGM would go over well! :(

  8. AWESOME!!! We used to get CGMs w/out cost with out insurance but our new plan this year it will cost us...blah. Anyway congrats on yours!


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