Saturday, November 14, 2009

World Diabetes Day 2009

We had a great time in San Francisco for World Diabetes Day! And we were so diggin' our shirts!

We went out for dinner in the city and ya, we were pretty much a spectacle. Dinner was awesome and we were able to share our story and our blue pride with some other customers at the restaurant and on the street.

I bought the boys these glow sticks/flashlights/whistles for the big day. We had a blast trying to make blue circles with them on the way to the San Francisco Ferry Building...

We made it to the Ferry Building and were a tinsy bit underwhelmed with the blue...but it was cool none the less...
There wern't as many people as I expected, but once we joined the group, the energy was electric. There was such a feeling of community and good will. :)
We got there just in time for the small speeches to commemorate the day. When I saw Manny Hernandez from Tu Diabetes, I felt like a groupie at a rock concert. Ya, he's that great!
And to top it off I met the fabulous Miss Amy from Diabetes Mine. What an awesome woman with a beautiful family to boot. (My camera was on a weird setting.) Her daughter thought it was funny when I told her in my world, her mother was a rock star.

It seriously turned out to be like the best night ever. It couldn't have been nicer. And really Joanne, I could have sold a dozen of our shirts! They were a big hit!


  1. OMGsh!!!!!!!!!!

    THAT IS SO AWESOME :) :) :)

    Love it....WOOHOO!!!!!

  2. What wonderful photos - look's like such fun.

  3. Adorable! Glad you had such a great time!

  4. Looks like you guys had an awesome time . You guys are the rockstar.

  5. No wonder everyone wanted a shirt your family looks amazing! I glad you guys had a wonderful WDD!

  6. WOW! Those pictures with the blue glow circles....gave me chills! BEAUTIFUL!! What an awesome enlightening experience!

  7. Ohmygosh, your family is TOO CUTE! I love, love, love the glow stick pictures.

    Could you email me a copy of your favourite picture (or pictures) so I can post all the shirt pics together in one post? I can use the one you wrote when they were dx, since I was planning on doing that to all the pics anyway. You can email it to the address.

  8. So great to meet you, Meri. And we want those shirts!!

    Send me an email at, and also check out my for more photos.

    Much love,

  9. Awesome pics! Awesome family! Awesome day!!!

  10. WOW - that sounds so amazing. Our day was SO underwhelming. I'm already working on next year. I love your pictures too! Wow - Wow - Wow . . . what a great post! So uplifting to see the pics and here what you guys got to do.


  11. Looks like fun! I can't believe you have 3 kids with diabetes! Wow! I don't know how you do it!

  12. The blue light in the ferry building musta been awesome to see in person...cause it's a super cool photo! Good for you guys, what a great family!

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