Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Why Meri is so awesome.

Joanne left a comment on my last post that I need to cheer myself on once in awhile. And you know what…she is completely right. Below please find a list of my most redeeming qualities.

1) I like turtles and owls…at a distance. Come on! That is endearing, in a completely random kind of way.

2) I like eating. I am willing to go out to eat at any given time. I am the perfect lunch date.

3) I love my family. I will fiercely protect them in any situation.

4) I love my friends. I will always do what I can to help if ever I am needed.

5) I drive on fieldtrips even when I don’t want to.

6) I will make you cookies at 9 at night if you get a hankerin’

7) My kids never wear dirty socks or underwear to school.

8) I love to laugh. A date to a comedy club rocks in my book.

8.5) I gag easily. Some people think this is entertaining.

9) I make the most awesome pot roast ever. (I only made it once, but man, it rocked.)

10) I will comment on you blog even if I don’t know what I am talking about. And let’s face it, Comments=Love

11) I will always give you a second chance; unless you are in the car in front of me in traffic and you’re driving like an idiot…then you’re on your own.

12) 9 out of 10 times I’ll bolus correctly for Chinese food.

13) I like to play games. (Mostly because I usually win.) Hence, I don’t like playing with my husband, because he always wins. (Unless we’re partners.)

14) I will drop everything and go shopping with you anytime.

15) I don’t like mean people.

16) I’ll split a meal with you if you’re not that hungry. I will also split two meals with you if you want to try 2 different things.

17) If we have a date to meet, I’ll probably be early.

18) I laugh at commercials and cry when I listen to the radio.

19) If you need me to, I’ll pray for you every day.

20) I like country, alternative, top 20, religious and R&B music. I think this shows I’m flexible.

21) I’m not a quitter.

22) I know that a bean burrito with sour cream at Taco Bell is 56 carbs.

23) I have an opinion about almost everything, but I accept the fact that my opinion isn’t always right.

24) I think people getting hurt is funny. Hence my affinity for Funniest Home Videos.

25) When I clean, I clean right, or I don’t clean at all.

26) I won’t tell you gross stories while you are eating. I am polite that way.

27) If a doctor is being stupid, and doesn’t know anything about diabetes while they pretend they do, I will tell them so.

28) I will stay on the phone for hours to fix a problem with a bill or a service. I’m a fighter.

29) I don’t let my kids watch Yo Gabba Gabba or Courage the Cowardly Dog.

30) I am honest.

I am glad I am me! (That is how my 2nd grader had to end his essay about himself when he was ‘star of the week’ at school. So I’m ending mine this way too. It’s kinda’ like self affirmation- like Stewart Smalley on Saturday Night Live. “Your good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone it! People really like you!”)


  1. I'm glad you're you too! I just wish that we lived closer so we could spend a bit more time together. D4D outings are few and far between.

  2. Meri----I LOVE YOU!!!! :) What a fun list...and SO important to remember the good stuff. Loved every word!

  3. Oh my gosh I love you too!! This is why you and I have clicked!! I have many of those wonderful qualities too. :) Although you need to teach me how to bolus correctly for Chinese food! I'm impressed!!

  4. Meri you are awesome and we adore you and your posts and you are a wonderfull mom and dont forget that . Hugs to you .

  5. Oh man... you are my long lost sister in so many ways... You are awesome and wonderful and I love who you are!

  6. I love you too!!!!!! You are a refreshing piece to our D Mom circle :)

  7. OMGGGG!! I LOVE YOU TOO!!! :) What I love most about you is your honesty! You're not afraid to voice your opinion and thats what makes YOU, YOU! Don't EVER change!!!! I can't wait for the day that all of us D-Moms are finally able to sit in a room together :) :) :) :)

  8. Ok, so I'm thinking that there obviously needs to be a D4D outing to a chinese restaurant because that is one food I have yet to master after 20 years of the D! :)

  9. You ARE awesome, Meri! I'd LOVE to go to lunch with you! And I can't stand Yo Gabba Gabba, either!!!

  10. I love this post! I think you would be the perfect BFF!! I totally gag easily too. :-)

    Seriously, I hope we get to meet someday because you are so awesome and I would love to hang out with you.

  11. Meri, I wanted to call you, but when you are home alone, I'm at school and when I get home, you have little ones home. I thought your poem was awesome but it worries me. I know that sometimes we can't talk ourselves out of our sadness. We can count our blessings, but not feel the joy. I was thinking that after 6 months, my sadness wouldn't pass. But it has, finally. I'm quite sure of it. I've been quite happy and content for a couple of weeks and it feels great. You are awesome and I love and admire you so much. I couldn't be prouder of you. Much, much love to you.

  12. Meri,
    you and so many of these moms are my hero's. Since my sons dx oct. 1,. It has been you and the others who help me get thru my day...
    you are the salt of the earth!

  13. I love your list! And, I too would like to know your Chinese food secret. I have been afraid to get Chinese food with Addison because I have NO idea how to bolus for it!

  14. I am glad you are you too! Here are a few more I would like to add to the list -
    1 - You are a gifted and talented story-teller
    2 - You are HILARIOUS!
    3 - You are inspiring - you make people want to be better, and do better
    4 - You love deeply. Once someone is loved by you, they are loved for good.
    5 - You are honest!

    BTW - Did you get the love of owls thing from my Mom? I did!

  15. I'm gald your "YOU" 2! I can't wait to meet you in real life!

  16. Meri, You are AWESOME. I am always excited to read your post because I know I wont log off without a smile. I agree with Alix... you are a hero... you welcome without question... and you are funny to boot!
    We ALL LOVE YOU :)

  17. This is such an awesome list as are you! You should print this out and post it somewhere where you can see it everyday as a reminder of how wonderful you are!


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