Monday, November 2, 2009

Goodbye Halloween

So I know y’all are just busting at the seams, wanting to know how our Halloween went. So I’ll show off some pictures and get down to business.

L was Luigi. I had no choice. He and his friend decided one day that they would be Mario and Luigi and that was that. I know, you would think I would have more control over my kids…but I’m a sucker.

B was a Knight. Underneath, is his king costume from a couple years ago, repurposed. And on top is what my mother in law brought back from Germany. J wore this costume two years ago. Score! I didn’t have to buy anything!

J was the cowboy riding a horse. M wore this three years ago. We dug it out of our costume box, and what do ya know…it still worked. Double score! Another costume I didn’t have to buy!

M didn’t dress up this year. TRIPLE BONUS! Well, he wore a skeleton shirt I got at Kohls for 5 bucks. (Man, I sound really cheap right now. Probably because I am…when it comes to Halloween.)

After the whirlwind of school parties and parades, we went to our church party Friday night, where the boys got TONS of candy. That night two were high, one was right on target. The next day we had wonderful sugars, until Halloween night…J was in the 300’s all night…B and L did really well. I tried not to let it bother me yesterday. I told them pick out 20 of their favorite pieces and we’ll give the rest away to the homeless shelter.

And then it hit me…

The boy’s next Endo appointments are on November 11th. Veterans Day.


At the appointment they will download their blood sugar numbers for the past two weeks. That will include Halloween and the gazillion of parties that went along with it. Very sucky.

I know, I know…they will understand…but it is still sucky.

I survived…barely. There were some very sweet moments in there, and I am thankful that it was such a fun experience all around for them…but there was no a-ha moment that changed my mind about the holiday.

Saddest Moment: All four boys spent TWO hours trading their Halloween candy to each other. Bartering for their favorite pieces. They sat in a circle and took the whole process very seriously. I came in and said, “You know all that candy you are trading for is going to go.” They all looked at me perplexed. “Mom,” B said…”we are having fun…we know we don’t get to keep it all.” L said, “Ya mama, it’s just fun to pretend!” Yup…I’m a loser.

Funniest Moment: J’s costume was such a big hit that he got THREE times the candy as the rest of the kids. They would give B and L one or two pieces, and then J would get a handful at almost every house. I asked him after one house…”What J…you didn’t say ‘no thank you, I’m diabetic’ and hand it back to them?” (Said sarcastically of course.) And J said, “I may be Diabetic mom, but I’m not stupid. This costume ROCKS!”

Good Mom Moment: I let them carve their pumpkins themselves. (EVEN B and L used those special knives and carved them by themselves.) I didn’t help AT ALL. I didn’t give suggestions, I let them carve on the ugly side of the pumpkin, I didn’t even wince when J gave his a uni-brow. If you knew me 10 years ago you would be impressed. I used to want everything to be nice. I’m totally over it. (I even let them pick out ugly pumpkins at the pumpkin patch!:)

(Side note: We carved pumpkins and went trick or treating at my in laws, those background decorations aren't my doing.)

So now that Halloween is over we can all concentrate on more important Christmas!!!!

I LOVE CHRISTMAS…and that is written with no sarcasm what so ever! I love buying presents, I love the decorations, I love the feeling of that time of year! YAY CHRISTMAS!!!!

SEE! I’m not such a scrooge after all! It’s just Halloween is stupid, that’s all.



  1. CHRISTMAS ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    Glad another one has come and gone for you :) The costumes were spectacular and the pumpkins even better!

    BRAVO, Mama!

    (((wiping hands))) NEXT?

  2. I hate to bust your bubble I dont like any of the holidays especially christmas because some of the things that my mother did one christmas and it has ruined christmas for me ever since my sister and my brother also hate all the holidays because my mother managed to ruin all of them . every christmas my sons would spend with their dads family just so I would not ruin their christmas . Hate all holidays sorry .

  3. Halloween is hard for kids with T1. I'm 18 now, but it was a drag for me to hand over all of my candy to my sister. It was not fun at all. It's a good idea to give most of it away. Candy is not good for people in general. But, Christmas gifts never raised my blood sugar. :)

  4. I'm glad you survived Halloween! Your boys looked too cute.

    Now, bring on Christmas!

  5. SOOO...hummm... since you are done wth kids and all...can I have the Lugi costume???

  6. Way cool costumes! Arent you glad its over!!?? I, however HATE Christmas like you HATE Halloween. How sad is that?

  7. Well it sounds like you had a fun time despite your disdain for the holiday. Your boys are super handsome!!

  8. Great costumes! I LOVE Halloween - even with the sugar. Ethan has his next Endo appt the day before Thanksgiving. Not super great timing on our part...


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