Friday, October 23, 2009

Wheels in motion...

We're really excited to unite as a blogging community and purchase these shirts to all wear on November 14th, World Diabetes Day. Joanne has moved full steam ahead to put together this shirt for all to order.

If you live in the US, the cost will be only $15.00 each- TOTAL- That includes shipping. If you live in Canada it will be $20.00 total. Joanne's not doing this to make money, she is doing this to help make a difference. I want to thank her and her husband for going forward and making her idea a reality.

So, jump over to her blog to get all the details! Order soon...we can't drag our feet on this one. This all needs to be done in one printing, so the sooner we all order, the better chance we will all have them in our little hands before November 14th!

So what will you be doing in your super cool shirt on World Diabetes Day? I see a lot of frustration throughout the blogging community with the worlds perception of Type 1 Diabetes. We can change the perception of our disease in our own communities!

Here's a couple ideas...

*Every year I hold a fundraiser at our Elementary School. Some years it is Caps for Canines, (To raise money for diabetic service dogs,) and some years I do Caps for a Cure, to benefit JDRF. It's a really simple fundraiser. If a student brings in $1 they can wear their favorite hat or cap to school all day. It's a great way for the kids here to wear all those Disney ears and favorite baseball team hats. I send home a flyer announcing the big day and include information on what Juvenile Diabetes is. Easy, successful and FUN!

*Have a bake sale. After school on the 13th, or in front of your house on the 14th. "Cookies for a Cure." We've done that before and people would say, "Isn't it weird to sell cookies to raise money for diabetes?" and I would say, "Well actually, my kids have Type 1 Diabetes...and they CAN eat cookies!" Then I would hand them an informational flyer.

*You don't need to sell anything. Hand out informational flyers to your neighbors. Email people. Let them know what day it is...tell them you want to get the word out...this is one of those invisible diseases...our lives are not what they seem!

*Make a video! I think this idea was put out there already around the blogging community. Make a video showing how diabetes affects your families lives. Pictures set to music can be VERY powerful. Put it on your blog, your facebook page, email it to all you know!

*Buy shirts for your whole family and go out! To Costco. You'll for sure be a spectacle and people WILL ask questions.

*Light up your house in blue! Write your community leaders, ask to light up the city hall in blue!

*Write a letter to the Editor, explaining the day and educate!

*Host a BLUE party for your friends and family!

I'm sure you all have some great ideas...and I would love to hear about them!

AND DON'T FORGET to pop over to Death of a Pancreas if you would like to order a shirt, (or shirts.)


  1. Meri thanks for bloggin and I just cant afford one right now or I would buy one . thanks for sharing this .

  2. I love all your ideas, Meri! We will definitely be wearing our shirts out, and I want to put blue lights on our house. The cool thing is our Christmas lights are blue, so we'll just be putting them up REALLY early!

    I think everyone should take pictures of themselves wearing the shirts and I can post them all on my blog (or people can post them on their blogs... it would just be cool to see them in one place!)

  3. My son was just diagnosed this month... From checking out this blog, we may live not too far from each other... we are looking for other families, my son feels lonely
    you can email me at


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