Friday, October 16, 2009

There’s a Storm a Comin’…

SHHHHHH……Can you hear it? Can you feel it? It’s the winds of change.

The Diabetic community is quietly beginning a movement. A movement that will change the way the world views Diabetes.

It is an uprising that has been a long time coming. No longer will we be the WHO's down in Whoville, screaming to be heard. (See Dr. Seuss’s book, Horton Hears a Who.)

We are moving. We are planning. We will bring World Diabetes Day into the spotlight! And like the Who’s in Whoville, we will yell, “We are here! We are here! We are here!” We will educate the ignorant, we will move the indifferent.

We will make a difference!

Even if it is only in our own little communities.

Our great friend Joanne is looking into having shirts made for EVERYONE to wear on November 14th. (Or any day for that matter.) It will be white with a blue circle. Simple and to the point. I’m tempted to get one for everyone in the family, and on the back of one write, “NO, I won’t grow out of it.” And another, “Yes, I can eat cookies.” And another one, “ T1 Diabetes is an auto-immune disease.” And another, “Insulin is not a cure.” But one thing at a time…The shirts…

If you are interested in ordering one, jump over to Joanne’s blog, Death of a Pancreas, and let her know. No commitment yet, she is just getting a quote from the printer and then we can go from there.

It may not be the Eiffel Tower lit up in blue…but it is a start…


  1. I'm SO excited!! Hmmm....what else can we do....I think I'm going to contact our local newspaper for an article on Nov 14th....I'll send in a request with a video....if we found someone from each state around the world to do so.....THAT would also be a great start!

  2. You got me all pumped up!! this is what I'm talking about!!

    Hey how did you get the T-shirts on your blog. You are much more computer literate then me. I just had to post a link to her site I was not able get the picture.... NO FAIR!!! lol

  3. Jared and I aren't sure the symbol is unusual enough for people to ask what it stands for. It might just look like a blue circle on a t-shirt. I mean, if it was more widely known that is one thing, but you might want to put "World Diabetes Day" on the shirt or something.

    Or not. I don't know. Jared and I both thought the same thing though.

  4. I'm excited, too! I agree, if it doesn't say something about diabetes or T1 I don't think people will get it. Just my opinion. I would love to put " I will not grow out of this". Or "just because it's 'sugar free' doesn't mean I can eat it. It's CARBS that matter. And I count EVERY SINGLE ONE" on Avery's shirt. And what about mine.... "ask me why Im awake each night at midnight and 3am". Or "diabetes never sleeps- and neither do I". (can you tell I'm tired?)
    let's do this!!

  5. Great to meet you, too! Love your blog- I have no idea how you handle 3 T1s! WOW!!! Finding you & the other D mom bloggers has been a wonderful surprise! It helps not feel so alone! Thanks!


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