Thursday, October 1, 2009

Getting To Know You

Well, really...Getting to know ME :)

20 Things I Can't Live Without

1) My family (Thought I’d start with a no-brainer.)

2) Advil (I was just diagnosed with TMJ, grinding my teeth from stress...go figure.)

3) Natures Seasoning (I use it in every meal.)

4) Mary Kay Timewise Face Cleanser (It’s the only Mary Kay product I use. I break out with ANYTHING else.)

5) Target (Too bad the city I live in thinks it’s too special for one.)

6) Costco (4 boys…you do the math. And again, my city…too special.)

7) Our DVR (We just got it and honestly I don’t know how we survived a day without it.)

8) My faith (I couldn’t have gotten through this year, heck the past 10 years, without believing in Him.)

9) My computer (Because I love you…nuff said.)

10) The fog (Sorry hot states…I can never live within your boarders.)

11) Mexican food (If I had to choose just one kind, it would be you…sweet Mexican food.)

12) Flip flops (I am totally aware they are ruining my back and feet, but at least my feet can breathe!)

13) My 8 seater car (Yes, I get dirty looks here in my special city for driving a big SUV, and not a Prius. But, I have a family of 6 PLUS a dog AND a sister in law that go with us everywhere!)

14) My cell phone. (A mommy like me needs to be reachable AT ALL TIMES!)

15) Our dog (Well, he does save lives and all.)

16) Air conditioning in the car (I use it ALL YEAR LONG. I need air people!)

17) Date night, at least once a month (Selfish? Or GENIUS!)

18) I love yous (My kids have a habit of saying this to me all the time, and it gets me through.)

19) Sleep (I miss babies, but I don’t miss being up all night.)

20) AND LASTLY…………………… 5 year old’s fat toes. I love baby feet and his are all I have left to cling to. (Too much information?)


  1. Oh I love it Meri!! Great list! I may have to copy this idea on my blog!!! Hope ya don't mind!

  2. Great list!
    We love many of the same things including #'s 5,9,10,& 11.
    I also love you and your family- including your dog and your 5 year olds fat toes even though we have never been properly introduced!
    kelly k

    PS- I need to Google #3- sounds interesting!

  3. Yay! Great list! I grind my teeth too and my dentist said if I don't get a guard, I'll end up with TMJ.

    I'm totally with you on Target (LOVE!), Costco, faith, computer, the living in a hot state thing (yet I do), dog and sleep.

    I have to give the Mexican food a thumbs down (people in Texas think I'm weird), and flip flops... because I have a things about stuff between my toes. Yeah, I am aware that I'm weird.

    Loved getting to know you a bit better. I may just steal this idea (if I remember tomorrow).

  4. Please, please, please steal this idea girls! I want to get to know all of you better!

  5. Great List! It really sums up who you are...of course besides a mother of three diabetic boys:)Oh... was I not supposed to say the D word on this post.(please don't yell at me) Love ya!!

  6. I loved this post :)

    #17 is GENIOUS for sure!

    YOU ROCK!!!!!

    word verification:


    Didn't you say something once about your dog having bad gas?

  7. Does Mary Kay Timewise Cleanser help tighten pores? I am noticing a change in my face this year.

    Do you really get dirty looks in our "special city" for driving an SUV? Sometimes I think my memory exaggerates certain aspects of my home town.

  8. Aren't you just the sweetest thing ever! Thanks for the words and for stopping by! Adding you to my follow too :)


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