Thursday, September 24, 2009

Panic Attack

I'm losing it.

I am so overwhelmed with my life that I think I could cry for weeks. This kind of thing happens when you are writing out instructions about the boys schedules for the next four days.

"What? Writing out your schedule?" you ask.

My husband and I are SUPPOSED to leave this afternoon for a relaxing/romantic/much needed vacation to a cabin in Lake Tahoe. Four days of quiet. Four days of regrouping. I have family staying with the boys, and they are totally smart about what the boys need...but I'm having a panic attack.

Two field trips tomorrow, soccer, birthday parties, HOMECOMING parades, games and dances. This is just a sampling of what is going on this weekend. A daunting schedule for any 4 children, but 4 children that include 3's lunacy!

And I'm leaving.

I have to pack now. I want to rant and worry out loud more, but if I don't get off my behind and get out of here before the kids get home from school, I might not get out of here at all until the morning...and no one wants that...not even the boys. They can't wait to PARTY with out me and my husband around.

Anyway, if you are the praying type,could you throw some prayers our way for safe boys, safe parents and a smooth weekend diabetes wise? We could use the help. Thanks. :)


  1. Praying for you and your boys. I know it will be hard, but enjoy your vacation. I don't blame you for being panicked, I would be too, but I hope you don't let it ruin your time away.

    And just so you know... I am soooooooooooooooo jealous of you, I love Lake Tahoe! Enjoy some pretty nature for me.

  2. LOTS of prayer for you to find PEACE on your vacation and not worry! Also praying Diabetes will behave x's 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU SO TOTALLY need this break.....

    Go! Dont look back! Have FUN! You will come back a new Mom!

  3. first off lots of hugs and prayers headed your way and most of all enjoy yourself all will be fine and dandy . enjoy yourself and take deep breaths . take care dear and have a safe trip .

  4. Sending tons of prayers your way!!! Good luck and try and relax so you can enjoy your trip :) (((HUGS)))

  5. You totally have my prayers!! I know how nerve racking that is...for you x3! But you will have a great time! Sometimes the anticipation is worse than the event. Take care and I can't wait to hear how it goes!!

  6. Enjoy your time... your boys are in good hands. Lots of prayers.

  7. SO glad that you can get away from it all for a while! I WILL be praying for you as you wrap things up ( I don't know how you do it- I freak out when leaving Jada for the evening!).

    Enjoy yourself- the scenery- and time spent together!

  8. Try to breathe!! It will be fine and you deserve to totally relax away from the chaos..Have fun!!!! Tina

  9. PRAYERS coming right at ya! WOOHOO!!!! I'm so excited to hear that you and hubby are getting away --- FOR FOUR DAYS!!!!!

    Run with the wind, my friend. Enjoy every minute.

  10. I really don't know how you do it!! I had to write out a schedule for 1 day and 1 night for Cara when I went out of town for a funeral and I was so overwhelmed. Every time that something is going wrong I just think of you and your 3 diabetics and think if you can do it I can do it. You truly inspire me :)I hope that you will have a wonderful 4 days, you and your husband deserve it!! I will send out safe boys, safe parents and a smooth weekend diabetes wise wishes for you :)


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