Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Pharmacy

They don't like me at the pharmacy and really, I don't blame them. To be honest, I don't like them either. I think the main reason I am so bothersome to them is that I hold up lines with my big order. Three times insulin. Three times test strips. Three times glucagon. USUALLY what happens is I put in my order and the pharmacist is smart enough to see that all the boys use the exact same things. He USUALLY fills one boys complete order and then mails the other two boys. To his credit, it is a fast and smart solution to my family prescription needs.

Well, smart pharmacist must have been on vacation yesterday. Because not so bright pharmacist gave me a little something for each boy and then said I could come back tomorrow for the rest.

"Sorry, I won't be coming back tomorrow, I would like it mailed to me."

The counter lady scrunched her face. "They don't mail insulin in this hot weather."

Me, (scrunching my face back,) "Well, it has never been a problem before." (And mind you, it was a balmy 72 degrees where I live yesterday.)

"Well I guess I can do it, but I'll have to COMPLETELY redo what they typed up in the back. I'll have to do each boys individually, it will take awhile."

"I'll wait."

I could hear the groan of the people behind me. There was only two people at the counter and a long line of 15-20 people.

While she redid the prescriptions, she gave me a big lecture on how I should "phone in" my prescriptions. "Phone in when you have 10 days left of your supply. It is very inconvienient for us when you come in and take up all our supply...blah blah blah, don't come here...blah blah blah."

"The boys all use the same stuff." I explain. "We have it all over, at our house, at the in-laws, at school, in sports bags, in the car. When I exhaust all my resourses and all my different stashes are out, I come here to get more."

"Well if you would just call it in when you have 10 days left, it would be easier for us."

So I say, "Ya, good idea." (She wasn't getting it, so why explain again.) But in an effort to be agreeable, I suggested that it would be helpful for me to know how many month supply they are giving me. Then I can put on my calender when to call.

"It doesn't say here."

"Really? Because sometimes I come and they tell me I am like 10 days too early to refill a prescription. It must give you some idea how often I can refill."

"You know better than us how much you use in a month." (Is this lady for real?)

"It's all a blur to me. It should be in your computer. If you want me to call it in, I need to know if your giving me a 2 month, or 3 month supply."

She scrunched her face again..."I can probably figure it out, but it will take awhile."

"I'll wait."

I looked out the window. I refused to look at the line behind me. Oh, they wanted me to look. I could hear their groans and quiet complaints to the people around them. FOREVER LATER, She had me all bagged up in a giant handled white paper bag. I took a deep breath and turned around. Everyone eyed me and gave me the dirty looks of exasperation. I held my head up high and began to walk out. Just before I got to the exit, an elderly lady actually SCOWLED at me. I mean evil eye, lips curled, scowl. I almost walked past her but my chest was burning from anger. I turned to her and held up my bag.

"Just be glad you're not me lady."

When I got home I found that they only gave me ONE vile of insulin. (Seriously.) That will last me 5 days. Will the mailed insulin come before I run out? Will I have to go back? Wait a minute...I have less than a 10 day supply...maybe I'll call it in!


  1. Oh my gosh, I am just so in awe of you. I cannot imagine the strength you must have to go through what you do every day.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog, it's nice to hear from someone who has been there, done that with a baby. Sometimes I swear the endo has no idea what to do with us because the rules are different when they're that small.

    Keep on being amazing, I can't wait to learn more from and about you!

  2. So excited you found us!!!!! THREE???? God bless you...and keep up the good work!!!!!!


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