Friday, July 22, 2011

I blog, therefore I get free stuff.

I get emails once in awhile from companies that want me to try their stuff. At first I thought this was SO COOL and then realized that most of the "stuff" I was getting wasn't so yummy or cool after all. (Sad face.)

But when I got the call from Blue Bunny to try their ice cream, well HOT DANG! I'm not going to say no to ice cream! The SAME DAY I got a note from VBlast, asking me to try their new vitamin beverage. I figured, I said yes to the ice cream, might as well give these a whirl too.

In exchange, I said I would give a review, but they both knew that I would be honest...and say what I really truly thought. I'm not getting paid or anything. But as I said in my title...I did get these samples for free.

So here you really truly real true thoughts...

Blue Bunny ice cream sent me these "Sweet Freedom" snack sized ice cream cones, and ice cream sandwiches. They have "no sugar added" so therefore they are diabetes friendly, right? Maybe. They have the ingredient, "Sucralose," which is famous for not being so friendly on my diabetics' tummies.

Luckily, these babies were little enough not to cause any harm whatsoever to our digestive systems. Not a huge fan of sugar alcohols, but a little bit once in awhile is ok with me. Another reason I bring up sugar alcohols is that all the boys went low after eating these bad boys. I bolused straight for the carbs, but as I learned from Wil over at Diabetes Mine, I needed to subtract the fiber and 1/2 the sugar alcohols from the total carbs. That is what happens when you are a sugar alcohol rookie like me. Well, now I know. :)

I have to say though, the ice cream cones were REALLY yummy. I snuck one for a snacky snack the other night and enjoyed every bite. I would like to say the same about the ice cream sandwiches, but I can't. Only because I didn't have one...the boys ate them too fast! They LOVED them. In fact they just asked for me to buy more. So I guess that is a win! They are tiny, they are good...I can't help but recommend!

The other product I received was VBlast. It is Spring Water with Vitamins in the cap. When you twist the cap the vitamins and flavor is released, which they claim keeps everything more potent.

First impression was, how the heck does this thing work? We twisted, nothing happened. We twisted more. Nothing. Finally we twisted the cap all the way off and the color/vitamins flowed in.

J took the first taste and said it was disgusting. We found out later that the some of the potent flavor was still in the cap. Once we shook it and he tasted it again, he thought it was good. In fact we all thought the Strawberry Kiwi flavor tasted really good. We have sampled some others and liked them too. But here is the thing...da da dum! Sucralose...again. :( It is zero carbs though and kinda fun...and chalked full of that is something! We saw another product exactly like this at Costco yesterday...same square bottle too. Except the cap looked easier to use. It had ONE is the kicker, it tasted awful and had a bad after taste. So kudos for VBlast for tasting good!

I want to thank these companies for thinking my say means something. I know that more bloggers have Blue Bunny reviews coming soon, so keep an eye out! In fact, here is one by Heidi over at D-Tales...just click HERE.

Have a wonderful weekend my sweet peeps!


  1. Thanks for the review...the ice cream sounds like something Natalie will eat. She eats a lot of the no sugar added ice cream treats that do have some sugar alcohols. She does really well with small portion sizes like these I've noticed. I do just that....subtract fiber if it is over 5 grams and just 1/2 the sugar alcohols...usually no problems with that. Trader Joes makes mini ice cream cones that are only 9 carbs and no sugar alcohols. She loves them, but they are very small...I'd want to eat the whole box!

  2. Meri,
    Thank you so much for this post! Andrew eats some treats with sugar alcohols and I'm so glad that you mentioned how to compute them. Thank you again!

  3. Neat! How do I get free stuff?! those drinks seem so space-aged-weird but that doesn't mean I don't want to try it at least! though the sucralose thing puts me off but can't hurt to "taste" it

  4. FREE stuff is always fun! For sugar alcohols, I always divide the number by 2, then add that number to the total carbs. I guess that's the same thing, but I always think of it as adding on instead of subtracting.

  5. Mmmmm....Blue Bunny only makes Good Stuff!! I love me some Bunny Tracks! ; )

  6. MMm Sounds good to me!!! I want to try :)

  7. Thanks for the reviews, Meri! Making me hungry over here, I tell you... :))

  8. yummers! i didn't know the sugar alcohol thing either until a panel at ffl! crazy!

  9. Thanks for explaining the sugar alcohols. I had a vague concept in mind of what they are, but no idea what to do with them in terms of calculating a bolus.


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