Friday, December 16, 2011

Don't do it.

When your husband asks you to stay up later than planned to watch a show, and you KNOW he is going to fall asleep 20 minutes in and you'll be hooked and end up watching it alone...don't do it. (Just go to bed. Trust me. Choose sleep.)

When you are staying up later than planned and you think you will check sugars at a later time, rather than your regular time...don't do it. (You'll be even more tired than usual, and if things have gone south you'll be up for another hour troubleshooting.)

If you are dizzy from exhaustion and check your child and he is might think to give him a new kind of juice he has never tried before...don't do it. (He'll try to spit it out because he's not used to the taste.)

If you give a child juice he never had and he refuses to drink it in his unconscious state...and you think you can coerce him into drinking it all within a reasonable time would be wrong. Don't do it. (Try 20 minutes of begging him to drink when he would have eaten a banana in 20 seconds.)

If you have a child who's pump is alarming, you may try a shortcut to fix the problem. Don't do it. (It will never be as easy as taking the set off and putting it back on. The set and reservoir should always be changed out completely when it says no delivery.)

If you go to bed with looming problems, you might think it is a brilliant idea to set your spouse's alarm for him to get up in an hour's time to check on said issues. Don't do it. (He'll just think he set it on accident and turn it off.)

If you wake up at 5:00am and ask your husband if he did the check and he said no...don' t send him to check out the aftermath of your decisions. Just don't. (He'll just make you get up anyway to help.)

If you think sending your husband to fix the problems without telling him everything that happened the night before is a good idea, and he sees a no delivery...his first instinct will be to try a shortcut too. When ketones are involved...don't do it. (Tell him a detailed account of everything. I don't care if you are mentally and physically dying from exhaustion.)

When your child comes in and tells you that Dad says his pump is officially broken and you ask if his father changed everything out and he says no and you think you are ready to strangle someone while you are in your zombie-like coma...

Don't do it.

Well, try REALLY hard not to anyway.

I am sad to say, these are all lessons I learned the hard way within the last 10 hours. I am passing my newly discovered wisdom onto you with the hopes that you won't make the same idiotic mistakes I did.

What will I learn in the next 10 hour stretch?

If you are trying to imagine...

Don't do it.

Learn from my mistakes people. Learn. From. My. Mistakes.


  1. I am beginning to think either my husband has siblings all over this country... or that many men are, in many, many ways, ohhhh so very similar. :)

    Great advice.

  2. I couldn't have said it better! And, they are not just your mistakes....TRUST ME!!!

  3. Oooh - sorry that all comes from 10 hours!
    I think you just described nights over the last 2 years at our house.
    Hope everyone at your house gets some sleep tonight!

  4. I hope a nap occurred for you today after that!

  5. Ditto what Heidi said! I hope as I type this you are tucked in bed, and all kiddos bgs are nice and steady!

  6. It could happen to all of us. Even me, a PWD, I screw up myself all the time.. and I have no one to blame!


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