Thursday, May 26, 2011

My "Smarty" List

Thank you all for responding to my call for help! I got a ton of great ideas in the comments section, and even more on Facebook, on Twitter, as well as emailed to me directly.

I thought it would only be fair to share. I don't want to be an idea hog or I present to you a list of things that are used for lows by some of my favorite peeps. Keep in mind that these things are simply ideas used by others in the community, and not necessarily what your doctor would want you to use for lows. Most of these ideas are used for lows, but not the "bad" the ones that require a quick acting sugar such as juice. (I know..they are all bad there really a good one? But you know what I mean, right?)


Lara Bars, that apparently come in yummy flavors like cinnamon rolls, banana bread and chocolate chip cookie dough.

Trader Joes Granola Bars

Luna Bars, lots of protein and 21g carbs

Yogurt Melts by Gerber. 5g carb for 1/4 cup, so one package is 20g carb

Fruit snacks during the day, so they can brush their teeth after



South Beach Bars come in chocolate or peanut butter flavor, 18g carb

PB and J in a container mixed with molasses or honey

Apple Sauce Pouches. Gogo squeeze or Trader Joes Brand. 12g carb, easy and healthy

Pixie Stix, 14g carb per serving, one serving is 7 stix. A giant Pixie Stick is 27g carb


Portable chocolate milks

Snack Packs of Jif Peanut Butter, with pretzels or something to dip in

Rice Krispy Treats

Yogurt Tubes, frozen

Dex 4 Liquid Blast, sometimes sold under the store brand name. Worsk quickly. They are $1.99-$2.99 each depending on where you shop

Hershey S'mores Dessert Icing Pouches

Gerber juice that comes in class bottles

Nutella single serving packets, sold at Cost Plus

Yogurt covered raisins

Packets of Peanut/Almond/Hazelnut Butter from Justin's Nut Butter Co. Small pouches 5g carb, larger pouches 11 g carb

100 Calorie snack packs by Nabisco

Cans of tree top apple juice sold at Costco

Cocoa Pebbles Bars, gluten free


Gold fish crackers

Small bags of chips or crackers, usually around 15g carb

Individual bags of Omega 3 mix from Trader Joes. 15g carb



Snack size Peanut M &M's Snack size Recess Pieces

Juice with Peanut Butter Crackers

Treetop fruit snacks

Glucose Tablets

Haribo Cola Gummies

Jelly Belly's, 1 g carb each

Dried Apricots with a bag of nuts

Pineapple juice

Dried Fruit

Icing Tubes

All Dex 4 Products

Natural Fruity Bites

Happy Melts, Organic Yogurt Bites for Toddlers

1/2 a Balance Bar

Chewy Bars

Other than actual food, there were some pretty handy ideas for storing the goodies:

* Using travel soap dispensers for juice boxes, or even for crackers or treats that crumble. (Making sure to use the contoured kind that locks, otherwise you may need to use a rubber band to keep it closed.)

* Small sandwich containers to keep crushable food in.

* Keeping small things like raisins or yogurt covered raisins in Tic Tac boxes.

* Using the long containers that crystal light comes in to keep things together.

* When in Disney use a camel back backpack with water, and add a bit of Gatorade powder to the mix.

Thank you so much for your brilliant ideas! I have already made a trip to the store to try out a few of these! If one sticks...I'll let you know!


  1. Nutella comes in individual serving packs?? Oh sweet Jesus & can I get a hallelujah from the DOC congration!!!!!
    And you & yours are going to totally dig the Larabars & TraderJoes granola bars!
    As far as the rest of the snacks- I'm totally looking into them!!

  2. I feel like there is always so much more to learn. I wouldn't have thought a lot of these are relatively fast sugars, but I have yet to test them all against my cgm.

  3. Always great to have more options!
    Thanks, Meri, for sharing all the suggestions!!

    Oh, and HALLELUJAH for Nutella in individual servings...totally going to search for those!!

  4. Why on eart did this make me cry? It was awesome. Thanks for sharing. Handy-dandy for this d-momma too! Love you, lady!!

  5. Love this list!! Makes me hungry just reading it all! : ) Will totally try some new ones, thanks! Holly

  6. Great idea's... I'm still bummed about the Yogo's

  7. Awesome list! Gotta love the DOC for coming to the rescue!

    Empty Mentos gum containers work really well as a container for things like raisins and cereal. They're approx 3" long, thin tubes and don't take up much room in the purse or D kit.

    Also, my kids love the Emerald brand 100-calorie packs of almonds, both cocoa roast and regular. They're portable and never crush -- perfect for a low-carb snack, especially when on the go.

    Amazon sells single-serve Nutella too. :)

    Lastly, I found those Hershey dessert icing pouches at Walmart yesterday, the ones that Lexi uses, and discovered they also make Oreo icing, too.

  8. Hi
    Just found your blog and I reallly love it, Nice low bg snack list, you included pretty much everything

  9. thank you so much for putting this list together!! so many great ideas!

    I love to carry around granola bars in my purse, but the get squished very easily, I'm defiantly going to try the soap thing or sandwhich holder!

    thanks! :)

  10. Ive been mia and missed all this but great list!

    We use the smores icing all the time. And oreo!! Only thing. Whilst waiting for low to come up...mama do not endulge ;)

  11. Oh man, CRAISINS!!! Those things work for me in about 2 seconds FLAT!! When we travel I use one of those plastic school boxes that click shut to carry PB crackers, granola bars and such that usually crumble in my purse. It works like a charm! I even keep one in the car to hold stuff!

  12. Hershey S'mores Dessert Icing Pouches

    I must find these.


    Thanks for the's awesome....can't wait to hear all about your AWESOME trip!


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