Friday, January 24, 2014

Stuff I've seen on the Internet: Vol. 2

I've got to think of a better name for this.  I like to think I'm creative, but alas, It's the best my faculties can produce at the moment.

I thought I'd wait another week before producing this post, but the last two days have produced articles aplenty!

I've used some form of the word produce three times already.  I'm going to shut up now and start linking.

Here's some stuff I saw on the internet this week:

If you or someone you love uses test strips to check their blood sugar, you need to read this.  The Diabetic Online Community, (see also, mostly Bennet Dunlap,) has been lobbying the FDA to produce, (crap, that word again,) higher standards on those producing (CRAP!)  test strips, thus increasing the percentage of must needed accuracy. The FDA have heeded our calls.  This article HERE lays it all out for you.  A great read!

A watch that will track blood glucose levels?  And Apple is spearheading the project?  I'll take three.

Though this sounds pretty good too.  Checking blood glucose levels using saliva.  No more pricks of the finger?  Just for good measure...I'll take three of these too.

This next link is awesome:  Cross Country Skier Kris Freeman, (who just happens to be Type 1,) has made the Olympic Team!  Congrats Kris!

The title of this post, "Is a T1 Vaccine coming soon?" is misleading.  Because it makes you hopeful they are going to say yes, even though you know the answer is no.  But here is the info on it nonetheless.

This is exciting, and may happen in our lifetime.  Novo Nordisk is testing a new, faster  insulin.  Can I get a WOOT WOOT?!  Read up on its progress, HERE.

An implantable device that delivers insulin will be in the beginning stages of testing in 2016.  Although, I know Medtronic has been doing something similar to this in Europe for years.  I've got the pic here, somewhere...

Oh here:

Yeah.  This is happening.  For reals.

Lastly, if you are having a hard day, or a hard week, or a hard whatever...or if you are having a great day and want to make it this.   It's ok if you don't know what they are saying, just feel it.

You're welcome.

Find some joy in your weekend!  Go it!


  1. Meri--these are just awesome, thank you...and keep them coming! As I stumble upon interesting stuuf, I'll shoot them over to you to be included!


    (which is exactly what I want to do with that implantable pump!! no thanks!)

  3. I love these posts! Never know where to look for D related news and now it's right in front of me! Thank you!

  4. more improved technology...awesome! Some day, right?! I must say I am most excited about Kris Freeman, love being able to watch amazing athletes show everybody that t1d doesn't stop them :)



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