Thursday, July 1, 2010

That’s how we roll…

We have been running around having a fun summer. When we put the house on the market, Realtors began parading hosts of potential buyers through our home, which means we have been kicked to the curb daily.

NO harm done though…it has been keeping us off our butts.

We have been bicycling, walking, going to the fair, the movies, the city, and hanging out at the in laws. With the house on the market, we have stayed close to home, trying to make the best of it.

Personally, I think the most spectacular parts of our summer has been the places we have checked the boys blood sugars...

On top of a Ferris wheel

On a ferry boat in the middle of the San Francisco Bay

In the stands watching a dolphin show at Six Flags

In the line at Baskin Robbins

In the middle of Toy Story 3, by the light of my iphone

On a bench by the bathrooms in Ikea

On the jungle gym at the playground

In the children’s book section at Target

In the car on the freeway

At every restaurant table we have eaten at

My favorite though was in my in-laws backyard. B fell while riding his bike and sported a fair sized scrape on his leg. He checked his sugar with the extra blood.

Diabetes doesn’t take a break for fun. It comes along uninvited…shouting for attention. But what ev’. We don’t give it more attention than it absolutely requires. We stop and check blood sugars, wherever, whenever…with whoever watching us.

Because that is how we roll.

We are not afforded the convenience of caring what others think. When a boy needs to be checked…dang straight we are going to check him.

Hell or high water…WHEREVER we stand.

I know people watch. If it wasn’t my family, I would be watching too. It is fascinating what we do to keep our children alive. Every blood sugar check is important. Every unit or fraction of a unit is vital.

Our blog friend Hallie hit the nail on the head yesterday with a post on this very subject.

She has shouted the motto of every parent and person in the DOC…”I’m not a doctor, but I play one in real life.

Check out her post. It puts it all into perspective.

D has given us honorary degrees from some kind of Diabetic Medical School. We practice wherever there is a need. We don’t have offices…we are out in the trenches of life. We save lives on the spot. If there is a need, we are ready.

Even on top of Ferris wheels…


  1. The other day Bekah fell and scraped her knee and I joked "quick get Mator (our glucometer) so we can check her blood sugar". I was kidding around to get her to laugh but I love that B really did that. Sounds like even with the stress of selling your house that you guys are having a great summer!

  2. AWESOME POST!!!!!

    Thanks, once again, for a smile :)

  3. Thanks for making me smile Meri. Much needed. And I love the check on top of the Ferris Wheel! Maybe the boys and you can keep wish lists of where they would ever want to check their blood sugar - "On the Nile" "At the Sydney Opera House" - that might be pretty cool for a kid with diabetes. Hey, maybe I will start one with the G!

  4. That's how we roll, too! Glad you liked my post! I love that you checked them all those places! Keep rockin friend!!

  5. Paging Dr. Meri......Dr. Meri to endocrinology please...

    We do the same things...let 'em watch. I feel that the concern for my child outweighs the concern for anyone else. We'll still have manners, but we don't mess around. And shots happen dirty public bathrooms for us!

  6. Sounds like you guys are having so much fun this summer.

    I can't wait to break free from here!!!

  7. LOVE THIS! So glad you're loving your summer!!

  8. well thank god your last name is not pepper . get it paging dr pepper . LOL !! Thanks for making me laugh . Yeah sometimes people can be rude and stare . I used to tell my kids not to stare it was rude . and I usally got the Oh mom why not look .

  9. Great post and I love those pictures. You have a real gift for putting it all into perspective and making me smile.

  10. Hey, we checked Elise's BG on a ferry in the middle of the Bay when we were there in December... funny! Love the post, as always, Meri!

  11. Thats how we roll too!!!
    Glad you're having a great summer! Hope you sell soon!!!

  12. This is a great post! Funny the places we end up checking our kiddos!

  13. I took both my girls to see Toy Story 3 this week and also checked their blood sugars by the light of my cell phone :)

    Ya do what ya gotta do!!!

    Loved this :)

  14. Great post! Love reading your blog. I always know there'll be a smile at the end of it! And hey, Penny might be onto something. You could replace all those stupid kids books about diabetes about one that talks about all the fun things you do, places you go, and all the blood sugar checks in strange places! It'd be so much more entertaining than "Rufus has Diabetes"!

  15. WELL SAID my good friend!!! Yep...oh the places we check (hey...isn't that a Dr. Seuss book or something..."oh the places you'll go"...hummmm, maybe I'll be having a quirky Reyna post soon on that one)...

    I hope all is working out from the housing front.


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